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And now, let's get a little personal. Not only am I an employee here at ActiveRain, I'm also a full time student working on degrees in law and business (which clearly don't correlate much with the real estate industry, but hey..business degrees work in any kind of field really). Now, most people would think that I don't have much of a life considering working full time and going to school full time does tend to drain people of their energy, but it just so happens that I'm one of those people that is consistently running, so along with my job and my ongoing studies, I also have a small side-job doing bookkeeping for various small companies in the general Seattle area, do bar promotions (I have to have some source of entertainment, don't I?) and do a little modeling on the side. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. Wait, Seattle doesn't actually have a beach so I really can't pull that one off...What I really enjoy is spending time with my family and friends - going out dancing, going out to casinos with my mom who's quite the obsessive gambler, traveling, skydiving (which I've only done once), watching Grey's Anatomy and spending copious amounts of time sitting in my room, reading (I'm a huge book worm at heart). 


As a customer service representative here at ActiveRain, my expertise clearly resides in being an amazing customer servicer. I've spent all of my working years working in customer service positions and honing my abilities to help people with any and all problems they may be experiencing (feel free to contact me if your goldfish died and you feel the need to talk about it with someone). :) 

I've also spent about a year and a half working in escrow, which obviously wouldn't make me an expert in the field, but it does give me some background knowledge in real estate and how title and escrow works (although I probably wouldn't be able to answer any of your questions since I'm sure all you have far more experience and expertise in the field than I do..I was only an assistant). 

BUT, there is one thing I can be of special use to you for...I speak fluent Russian so if you need something translated, let me know. :)


As you can see, my name is Zoya Raskina and I am working here at ActiveRain in the customer service department. Thus, if you need any help with your profile or learning how to blog, contact me. :)