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Get to Know William Willcutts

I love being a parent.  I don't know what else to say.  If you're not a parent, you wouldn't fully understand what I say.  If you are a parent, you already know. 

I enjoy people.  I love good conversation and exchanging of ideas.  I enjoy talking with people and here their stories and life experiences.  I really enjoy master mind groups.  It's truly amazing when a group of like minded people get together and freely throw out ideas and suggestions.

I find it gratifying to serve others. It's important to me to be appreciated and is my greatest reward in being a realtor.

I believe in the law of attraction which is synonymous for "what goes around comes around".  There's more to it than that.  You could also say that it is praying.  The law of attraction and praying is asking for what is that you want supported or driven with emotion.  It's not enough to think about or talk about what it is you want, but it's critical to feel about it.  What amazes me is that when I do this and do it correctly, my desires somehow someway show up.  Maybe I should put it another way.  A brand new car doesn't appear in my driveway, but something happens in my business that brings more clients and therefore, the opportunity to earn more money exists.  I have been wanting to enroll my daughter, now 2 ½, in gymnastics.  Come to find out, someone I already know owns a gym and has classes for all age groups.  It's not magic, but it's pretty close.

So here's a little history on me.  Until I was about 30, I was a DJ and did wedding receptions, proms, Christmas parties, etc...  That was a lot of fun.  I graduated from high school and at 18 had it all figured out, life that is.  I knew exactly what to do and what was going to happen.  While I went to college, got a degree, and started working, the world changed.  At about age 24 I realized the world hadn't changed, I had.  I felt as though I had grown stupid and dumber.  Fortunately, I later realized this was not the case.  What happened was I figured out I didn't really know anything and sure didn't know as much as I thought I did.  I worked several years in the Information Technology industry for an insurance company, then an IT group, and finally a local school system.  I did plenty of traveling, had a lot fun rock climbing, partying, made plenty of mistakes, etc...  Then in my late 20's I met my wife working at the same school system and I "got my act together."  From there, I really started to change and it has continued ever since.

I became a real estate investor in the fall of 2002 after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.  That book sparked a thirst for knowledge that has continued to this day.  I spent the next 10 months on my education, learning everything I could about acquiring wealth. 

Once I realized I didn't have to work for someone else forever and that there is another way, a weight was lifted and things started to change.  I have always believed that this is the land of opportunity, but I didn't know how to benefit from or where to find the opportunities that could grant me the freedom I desired.  I thought the answer was a job and was sorely mistaken.  What I realized is that this is the land of opportunity.  Everyone has every opportunity to succeed and every opportunity to fail. 

I stopped blaming everyone and everything else for my problems and frustrations.  I took responsibility for myself.   Now, keep in mind, I was responsible.  I had a good job, worked hard, paid my bills, made good choices, etc... I could do anything I wished, as long as my employer said it was ok.  That was the irony I couldn't put my finger on.  I was doing everything I was supposed to, but I slowly felt my personal freedom disappearing.  That is what I want, freedom.  Here is a very important lesson learned about success and failure.  If I succeed, it's because of me.  If I fail, it's because of me.  However, I have learned that I can fail on my own, but I cannot succeed on my own.  I can make it all happen, but I can't do it all on my own. 

My journey has seen its share a great successes and failures.  Everyone would of course feel great about the successes and most would be devastated about the failures.  I was both, but I also accept it all as part of my journey through life.  I welcome greater experiences that will help me to grow.  My pursuit of financial wealth has led me down a path of self-improvement, growth, and life long learning.  Over the last couple of years I have been growing and improving a balance of aspects of my character.  I'm excited about the relationships and life experiences to come.  Some people have to know what is to come.  I find life exhilarating when one chapter of my life ends and I ask myself, what's next? For me, the excitement is in the mystery.


I love working with people, having a good time, and getting things done.  I take very good care of each of my clients. My greatest rewards comes when I see how excited people are when they get the new home and when I am complimented on the service I provided.  You can just see the excitement in their faces when we close.  It's great to hear, "Bill, I am so excited and thank you so much."  They're gratitude says it all.

My clients work with me because they appreciate the fact that I listen to them and respond in a timely manner.  I help them find what they are looking for in a home.  I don't just show houses, I help clients form a home buying/selling strategy.  There is a lot more, than people think, that goes into buying a home and even more planning is required if the buyer is also selling a home. 

I provide clients with critical information on the current market that enable them to make smart decisions.  I also go to bat for my clients.  Anyone can handle a real estate transaction that goes smoothly, but few have the desire and commitment to tough it out for their clients.  When one invests in real estate, as I have, difficult transactions are the norm.  This experience makes me the right man for the job if things get tough. 

I build relationships with my clients regardless if they are ready to buy/sell now or later.  I keep in contact with my clients even after the purchase or sale is complete.  I want to be your realtor.  I want to be the person you call when you have any real estate questions or needs.  I want to be the person you confidently refer to friends and family who are buying or selling a home.

My experience in the real estate industry is unique from most realtors.  I started in the business as an investor and was very successful.  Therefore I know what investors are looking for and I know what it takes to make money in real estate.  I have detailed my investing knowledge and experience in a previous work description.  See below.


I love working with people, having a good time, and getting things done. I build and maintain personal relationships with my clients before, during, and after the transaction is complete.