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Thom Daniels, Manager, Los Angeles Rental Leasing Service
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Get to Know Thom Daniels, Manager, Los Angeles Rental Leasing Service

I've always had an understanding of tenants.  That has made a difference in my life.  I grew up in a real estate family.  We kids grew up helping our parents with open houses, shampooing carpets and painting units.   Even after finishing my undergrad education at Stanford and working in high tech, I still knew there were opportunities to better serve the tenant market.  I moved to Los Angeles in 1987 and earned an MBA from UCLA in real estate.   For the next decade, I plowed my money into rental properties and grew a portfolio of 15 residential buildings, always focusing on how to provide better housing to tenants.  I managed properties with a small team, learning first-hand what amenities sophisticated tenants demand.  I have become an agent who has learned from direct experience and even friendship with many tenants over the years.  I have the academic and license credentials in real estate but that's only second to the direct feedback from many relationships I've formed with smart, vocal tenants over the years.  I am privileged to be a part of the firm Spalding & Associates, based out of West Los Angeles, drawing upon expert real estate resources from a community of other agents and a broker with 30+ years of leasing experience.  

I began Beehive Rentals because I saw an opportunity to put to use the many lessons tenants have taught me.  I also ran  Beehive Rentals because I know what advertising, communication and operational techniques don't work---and those that do--- to attract the most qualified tenants.  The best Los Angeles tenants are very demanding. With rents ranging from $2 - $3 per square foot in many markets, tenants deserve high-quality housing and information to get it.  In this "buyers" market, tenants expect totally web-based tools and articulate agents with excellent follow-through.  They want near real-time answers to calls, emails and texts.  They want lots of online information.  They want flexible showing schedules.  Most of all, they want accurate, detailed answers.  Many tenants come through open houses with video cameras, clipboards and prepared questions.  Los Angeles property owners are busier than ever, especially the smaller ones, because of work demands on top of landlord duties.  But some owners just don't get it.  Or in many cases they can't take the time to keep up with prospective tenants.  I know Los Angeles area neighborhoods, particularly Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Glendale and Pasadena and have extensive networks of potential renters, as well as expertise in MLS, Craigslist and social media tools. 

 I'm a seasoned, reliable leasing agent.  I'm also an owner, with 15 years of leasing experience.  Leasing is my primary activity.  I live in Silver Lake, one of the areas where I work.  Because I do not focus on sales, I do not consider leasing a back-door entry to getting a sales contract.  The game is finding qualified prospects and satisfying tenants, one of the most underserved groups with the most money to spend in the entire Southern California economy.



Renting out an apartment or house can be a huge time and money suck. Marketing the property, screening tenants, open houses, paperwork—they can add up to a giant headache.  By letting Beehive Rentals handle the leasing, you reduce the wear and tear on you and your budget. We know the business, we get what renters are looking for and we’re a one-stop shop for listing, showing and signing your property.  Owners want agents who know both tenant and owner sides.  We are a part of Spalding & Associates of West LA and can draw upon the experience of seasoned Los Angeles agents and in-depth broker knoweldge in all aspects of residential leasing and sales.  In my 15 years in the Los Angeles rental market, I have seen many errors that inexperienced agents will often make when renting homes, often costing the owner lost rent or added liability.   In the City of Los Angeles, for instance, there are many additional potential deal-breakers an owner (or an agent) has to know, related to California law and City ordinances:

Rent control (RSO)

Tenant Relocation

Tenant Rights

Code Enforcement (SCEP)

Environmental Disclosures

Building & Safety (DB&S) Requirements


With all of these requirements, it is still very possible for a careful property owner to make a very good return in the Los Angeles area.  I am working with a small talented team of leasing professionals.  We call ourselves Beehive Rentals and focus on leasing (not selling) rental properties in the areas of the Los Angeles area around Hollywood and Downtown.  These areas include Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, Pasadena and Highland Park.  In this economic climate, finding a well-qualified tenant is a challenging process.  Unless owners rent properties day in and day out, it can make good business sense to work with us at Beehive Rentals.  Here are  for a number of good reasons:

We Save You Time and Money

We rent quickly to qualified renters.

We are experts at marketing to your ideal renter.

We know good tenants = less money out of your pocket!

We offer cost-cutting and effective strategies on marketing, property improvements, tenant screening.

We Make You Look Amazing

We give quick and thoughtful responses to your potential renters.

We take the time to learn everything about your unit so that we can answer renters’ questions.

We do all the work—listings, open houses, viewings, credit checks, required paperwork, disclosures.

We Minimize Your Liability and Risks

We follow all legal requirements and codes.

We use standardized industry forms and contracts.

We follow Fair Housing Rules.

We take care of environmental disclosures.

Take a closer look at the way we work at Beehive Rentals.  

Check out our website at or call me at (323) 646-5587.


Beehive Rentals is a boutique leasing agency dedicated to helping renters find awesome rental homes near Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Glendale & Pasadena