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Wendy Miller
Real Estate Sales Professional
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Get to Know Wendy Miller

After being an I.T. professional (15 years in the industry) I have developed a strong sense of deadlines, commitment, budgets and customer service.  As well, because of my professional background I am able to use technology more fully, as well as look for ways to streamline the process.  Attention to detail in the I.T. field is a must.  These qualities will transfer well to the field of real estate.  I have been involved, directly or indirectly, in real estate for many years and my ventures included property management,  complete renovations, investment property and homes which I could live in.

The relationship between the client and the agent is one of trust and co-operation and it is in this spirit that choices will be part of our agreements.  Again, coming from an I.T. world, where there is usually more than one way of doing something, it is important that clients feel as if they are participating in the process, that they have options available during what could be the most costly transaction of their lives. 

I have now taken my desire to help people with their real estate dreams and goals to the tropics, specifically to Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize.  It is here that I will continue to build on my expertise, using my experience with technology to promote the area, and hopefully to shape it into the kind of place we can eagerly say - I want to go there!






My desire is to assist work with people to realize their dreams of owning property in a tropical location, working with them through the various realty entanglements that may arise when dealing with a foreign entity.