Doyle "West" Higgins (RE/MAX Elite, Brentwood, TN)

109 West Park Drive

Suite 120

Brentwood , TN

REALTOR: Designated RCS-Divorce, residential or commercial, Executive Homes, Townhouse, Condos. Willing to work to make your dreams a reality! Referrals welcome and reciprocated.

Get to know Doyle "West" Higgins

     In any type of business there exists the average and the above-average.  I strive hard to always go the extra mile for anyone I work for so that AFTERWARDS, hopefully, in their mind I fall into the above-average category.  Having been referred to as "a Southern gentleman," I have garnered the education and know-how it takes to get things done. 

     I moved to Tennessee from Kansas City, Missouri in 1992 after having been hired by the Saturn Corporation (may God rest its' soul...).  After a long and successful career with them I decided to do something I truly loved, which is real estate.  My wife and I reside in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, a sleepy little town that's quiet except for the many local festivals and park celebrations that bring our fine residents together for the occasional Saturday or Sunday potluck get-togethers.  I love Tennessee...and found out AFTER I moved here that I was CONCEIVED in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Seems my Mom and Dad got married there and resided for a year.  I had no idea.  Now I know why I feel like a Tennessee man - I AM! 

     I have a beautiful wife of 28 years who can still spin my spurs and two sons. One is 21 years old and is a Junior at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville.  The younger one is 15 and is a freshman in highschool.  They sure do make an old man proud! 



Having been designated RCS-D, (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist - Divorce,) I am professionally trained to bring together all the resources divorcing spouses need to make an informed choice about whether to sell their home, and if not, to understand exactly what they have.  Backed by a team of high-profile brokers and agents skilled in every conceivable type of real estate, I use a network of technological and social resources to make "the magic" happen for my clients.  Residential or commercial, we can do it all.  Want some investment properties?  Give me a call.  Want a vacation property?  Call me.  Want to just ask questions about the area?  Sure, call me.  I'm always ready to lend a hand or answer questions!    

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