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Eva Dobilas
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Get to Know Eva Dobilas

My job is to create mortgage solutions to improve the lives I am honored to  touch through comprehensive financial strategy.

As a certified mortgage planner I take a consultive approach to helping my clients develope a mortgage strategy whether it is to purchase a home or to refinance their current loan that emcompasses their overall long and short term financial and investment plan to minimize taxes, improve cash flow, and minimize interest expense.

As a mortgage planner I  insist on identifying ways for my clients to not only build wealth through equity management, but more importantly guide my clients in finding ways to enjoy life through financial peace.

I work By Referral Only, which means that I dedicate 100% of my energy toward serving my clients.  This focused approach has provided me with the time to enhance my education and experience so I can guarantee a fully professional level of service to my clients.  As a result, my valued customers, suppliers and friends refer their family members, coworkers, neighbors and other people they know to me for advice and consulting services.  My goal is to build strong, lifelong relationships, one person at a time.

When the Federal Reserve Bank began raising the federal funds rate in June 2004, it didn't directly impact homeowners with fixed-rate mortgages.  However, some of my clients had taken advantage of the low interest rates available with adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) and bought homes with 2-3 year fixed ARM loans.  Right about now, those loans are starting to adjust and the rates are going up at least by 2-3%, in some cases even more and because of my commitment to being a consultant for life, I began contacting all my clients with this type of loan to make them aware of the changing market and what their options were.

One of my client's referred a neighbor of hers, Maria to me and when I called her, for example, she panicked at the idea of a hefty payment increase.  I suggested that we convert her ARM to a fixed-rate mortgage at the current market rate, which was actually lower than the rate on her adjustable!  Now, as the market continues changing, Maria has peace of mind knowing her house payment will not.  Have you had a mortgage check up lately?  I would love to put your mind at ease.  It's a no obligation call to make sure either you have the right program or come up with a plan on what we have to do to get you in the right loan.


As a mortgage planner I help my clients develope a mortgage strategy by purchasing a home or refinancing their current loan to minimize taxes, improve cashflow and minimize interest expense.