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Before discovering how to invest in real estate, Vicki spent her career as a Human Resources Professional. She graduated from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and obtained her Master's Degree in Human Resources Development from Bowie State University.

As an HR Executive, Vicki had a full understanding of company benefits, and how retirement plans were being reduced or eliminated all together. It was witnessing the adverse effects it would have on her future first hand that prompted her to seek an alternative way to secure her retirement. That is when she was introduced to successful real estate investors that taught her the business and walked her through her first deal. Realizing that mentorship was the key, Vicki knew she was on to something.

In turn, Vicki wanted to teach others a simple and easy way to earn money that could secure their future, and afford them a lifestyle that people dream of. And so the "Real Estate Investment Queen" was born.

Vicki has bought and wholesaled many properties as well as regularly buys and holds properties all over the area. Through owning her properties, Vicki is on a mission to give many people in the community a chance to buy their own home when the banks and lending institutions are telling them no.  She provides these opportunities by leasing her properties and helping others realize their dream of home ownership.

Vicki is connected with some of the most highly regarded real estate investors in the country and regularly networks with them to stay on top of the best practices and strategies being utilized. 

Most recently, Vicki is being featured in the national movie "The Phenomenon" for her explosive business success and fast action.  While Vicki has received national recognition for her accomplishments, she still chooses to continue to teach the people in her own community the same things that were taught to her and brought her so much success.

Vicki has started a huge social networking site for women business owners and entrepreneurs looking to explode their incomes in EVERY industry.  To join this dynamic group of women, visit:

Vicki enjoys working out, running marathons, rollerblading, and reading. She currently resides in Prince George's County, Maryland with her husband and son

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Vicki is the number one real estate investing coach in the DC Meto area.  She has personally coached and mentored over 1,000 students in all areas of real estate investing. Vicki has students fly in to work with her as far away as Puerto Rico! Her Real Estate investing Progam and Mastermind group is known nationally for producing top real estate investors who have gone on to experience what she likes to call "Life-Changing" money.  Vicki offers one on one instruction and support along with her power team and mentors.

Vicki's marketing know how is second to none, she is an avid Dan Kennedy student and along with her husband Lloyd Irvin, has been featured in the Dan Kennedy movie the Phenonemenon along with other real estate investing gurus such as Ron Legrand.

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