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At The Prescott Group, our focus is simple "We Make YOU Look Good!" We provide a customized quarterly marketing system with an emphasis on helping you create brand awareness.

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You’re planning for a successful year in 2013. You're taking the time to understand how important Consistent Branding , Quality Websites, Email Marketing, Social Media, and Appreciation Marketing are to your business. You know that consistently staying in front of your sphere is where your current and future business will come from. So what’s next?At The Prescott Group, our focus is simple "We Make YOU Look Good!" We provide a customized quarterly marketing system with an emphasis on helping you create brand awareness. Our marketing system will generate leads, streamline your systems increase your productivity, expand your brand through an online presence and achieve great results!

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#1 Consistent BrandingBranding is the foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without!  Every business needs a unique look and feel that sets you apart from your competition.


#2 Quality WebsitesA website is an effective lead generating machine and is the mother-ship of your Internet marketing. By posting compelling content, market data and other relevant information to your website, you will prove to your visitors that you have the knowledge and experience to help them with the purchase or sale of their home.


#3 Email MarketingYou need to remind your clients about what you do and that you're still in business! Keep customers and prospects coming back with email newsletters! Consistently sending branded, relevant and targeted email marketing increases response rates and puts you front and center in your prospects in-boxes. Email marketing turns fans, friends, and followers into loyal clients. With our email marketing system you can see results with real time stats such as who opens, clicks and forwards!


#4 Social MediaGo to where your clients are interacting with each other online and connect. Put social media to work for your business. NOW is the time to bring your business to Facebook and LinkedIn! There is a huge opportunity to use tools such as Facebook AND LinkedIn to communicate and connect, establish a professional brand online, network with potential clients and businesses associates, promote your product and of course keep up with today’s technology.


#5 Appreciation MarketingIf you don't take care of your clients and prospects, someone else will! Are you looking to generate more referrals for your business? What makes the superstars of your industry the superstars?Is your competition always one step ahead?Do you have a competitive edge in the marketplace?The answer is a lot simpler than you think….


The best way to get started with The Prescott Group is to schedule a FREE Marketing Consultation with co-owners Chris Prescott and Tricia Allenson.  Chris and Tricia have worked with hundreds of clients since they started their business in 2007.  They will listen to you and will work with you to create some very fun, economical, and successful marketing solutions that will definitely generate more business for you and as we always like to say - We Make You Look Good! The Prescott Group              "We Make You Look Good!"Tricia Allenson  (952) 212-7598  Tricia@PrescottGroup.usChris Prescott  (612) 998-5674