Victor D. Davis, Mortgage Broker - Hawaii (Island Lending Hawaii, LLC NMLS# 1460208)
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Honolulu , Hawaii 96813

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We’ve all come to realize that getting a mortgage in today’s market is not as simple and straight forward as it once was; a lot has changed in our industry. From loan inception to close of loan, conditions and requirements are now tougher and much layered. This is a time homeowners and prospective home buyers need even more guidance to accomplish their financing needs. Referring sources and business partners such as realtors, lawyers, and financial advisers alike, need a little more hand-holding and understanding as to what is going on in our industry and how best to navigate choices in order to meet the clients’ needs.


This is a market that requires knowledgeable, ethical and customer oriented mortgage professionals who can bring understanding to the transaction as well as constant contact to all involved, and Victor believes that’s a service he and his team of professionals are well prepared and equipped to bring to the community.


Victor D. Davis was born in Liberia, west Africa and later came to live with his father on Maui where he graduated from Baldwin High School. Victor later attended Maui Community College before going on to join the United States Marine Corps where he served 8 years of honorable service with meritorious citations. After his military duties, Victor attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he majored in Biology as a premed student. He later transferred to Hawaii Pacific University to major in Business. Victor believed his calling was in finance and at the peak of the housing market, he became a mortgage professional in what was then a vibrant market. We all know what happened next; degradation of credit, erosion of homeowners’ equity, and a financial system meltdown that is still trying to rebound.


Victor joined Harbor Financial Group in the summer of 2009 becoming its Control person and principal broker for the next 6 years. Upon leaving Harbor Financial Group, Victor started his company, Island Lending Hawaii, in late 2016. Victor believes there’s a great need for companies like Island Lending Hawaii that honors transparency, educating the clients, creating personal relationships, and offering products that are well suited to the client's needs. ‘Personal relationships is key to creating repeat clients and a repeat client is a satisfied client’ is Victor’s motto.


When not helping clients, Victor volunteers at his local church, is a board member of the Veteran Association of Real Estate Professional promoting homeownership, financial literacy, and economical opportunities for our active and veteran community, a member of the Honolulu Bike Cycling League and an avid bike cyclist.


Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse, 

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