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You betcha... we all have reasons. And this is mine.

The all too familiar 'Huh?' moments (that my daughter is demonstrating above) makes us wonder if there is something better, easier, faster, etc. We all have them, right? Maybe a little more often than we would like to admit. What if there was a way to eliminate those moments, do better, make life easier and spend more time doing what you enjoy, with who you enjoy. This, my friends, is what its all about. All in all, you do what you do because you care!

Please spend some time to get to know us because we care...

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Download Agent Aid at http://bit.ly/AgentAid.


International Realty Resource, Inc. was created to bring innovative, easy to use applications to the real estate industry from a global standpoint. Understanding that the success of an agent comes from their ability to stay mobile, build a relationship of trust with their customers, and get a deal signed in that perfect “buying moment”, we created Agent Aid. We are not here to just bring one product to the real estate industry. We are here to supply the appropriate technological tools as an easy to use family of applications.


Agent Aid was launched on February 8th. In the short time Agent Aid has seen over 600 downloads in 70 different countries including double or triple digit downloads coming from the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, Italy, Singapore, China, Mexico, and Russia. It is an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app for easier, faster, better and mobile real estate contracting.  You can import contract forms via WiFi, Dropbox, Email, and iTunes.  You create a form template once and then fill-out and sign the forms for each new deal.  Completed contracts can be printed, emailed, or sent thru Dropbox.  Downloading Agent Aid and importing the first form is free.  Importing each additional form is $4.99.  Once downloaded, use it as often and for as long as needed without further charge.

At the Inman News Demo Day, Pen Hollist, EVP & COO discussed how Agent Aid differs in important ways from its competitors. The most exciting for our customers is the pricing model. Not every agent is selling a home every month, particularly in this depressed real estate market. Agent Aid only requires that a contract be purchased once (at a price of $4.99) and then can be used as often as needed without any additional charge. Our competitor charges an average monthly fee of $14.99 or more whether an agent sells a home or not. Another difference is in Agent Aid simplicity and efficiency. The National Association of Realtors released an article by Todd Carpenter, Director of Digital Engagement (http://bit.ly/rqfDxo) who mentioned the key factors for real estate agents in 2012 are: (1) Mobility, (2) Social Media, and (3) Cloud Technology. These key factors have been incorporated into Agent Aid as it is designed to be a one-stop-shop for real estate contracting.



Husband, father, philanthropist, entrepreneur, real estate techie, jockey geek, & down to earth. Thats me...