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Hampton Escrow, Inc. is a Sountern California premier escrow company. Our company specializes in residental sales, refinances, short sales. national escrows and commerical escrows.

Get to know Tyra Hopkins

  When you deserve nothing but the best...  Hampton Escrow, Inc. Indepentdently owned and operated by Tyra L. Hopkins with 20 years of experiene in the escrow field. Hampton Escrow, Inc. has one goal, to serve their clients needs. The team at Hampton Escrow, Inc. is avaialble to answer any questions anytime. Our Team: Shari Dunn- Escrow Officer has enthusiasm for her chosen career. She is a licensed and bonded Notary Public. She offers years of experience with every aspect of escrow transactions. Shari maintains a personal rapport with all of her clients. You can be assured that she will keep you informed from point of request until the disbursement of funds. Shari's work performance can be described as courteous, knowledgeable and professional. She maintains a unique positive attitude and a great deal of determination in accomplishing even the most strenuous tasks. Tyra L. Hopkins- Escrow Officer/Manager, Shari Dunn-Escrow Officer, Brittany Kasha-Escrow Assistant and Sarah Ellinwood- Account Executive ,make the fantastic team know as Hampton Escrow, Inc.   When you work with Hampton Escrow, Inc. you have peace of mind, knowing that your real estate transaction will be handled by some of the most experienced escrow personnel in the industry.   What a Licensed Escrow Company Can Do for You!  


Higher StandardsThe stringent laws of the State of California and the Department of Corporations assure that every licensed escrow company has met the highest standard of the industry. State law holds other licensed escrow companies to a higher standard than it holds other non-licensed escrow offices currently working in the industry. Other entities that offer escrow services - such as some banks, savings & loans, real estate offices, or title insurance companies - are regulated under a different set of rules that are substantially less rigorous than those governing a licensed escrow company. ExperienceIn order to qualify for a license, and escrow office must be run by an escrow officer. This means that the professional dealing with your transaction has entered the industry with expertise honed by n-depth training. Also, a licensed company must post substantial bonds and fidelity insurance that is impossible for non-licensed companies to purchase. A Neutral PartyLicensed escrow officer's work as a third party with the seller and the buyer. They are the professionals of the business, able to serve - with unmixed motives - both real estate agents and consumers. ProtectionLicensed escrow companies offer consumers the highest protection available. Unlike real estate firms or title companies, the licensed escrow company must be audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant and is subject to state-mandated annual audits by the Department of Corporations via the Department of Justice. Escrow companies, licensed by the Department of Corporations, are required to be members of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation which provides fidelity coverage for members' trust accounts. SpecialistsLicensed escrow officers only wear one hat. Their repeat business comes solely from the successful completion of your transaction. As specialists, they are experts who will not be sidetracked by other business - as real estate companies, banks, or title companies are. ProfessionalismThis company is a member of the Escrow Institution of California, a statewide association of licensed escrow companies. We are organized to monitor ourselves, to police our industry, and to share among ourselves techniques to improve services to you.


Hampton Escrow, Inc. provides expert service in the following types of escrow transactions: Broker Sale Escrows: The staff of Hampton Escrow, Inc. works with numerous real estate professionals. Many of these realtors and associates use Hampton Escrow, Inc. as their preferred choice of escrow settlement agent. For Sale by Owner Escrows: In the absence of a Real Estate professional, Hampton Escrow, Inc. is capable of processing your sale or purchase. Loan Escrows (Refinances): Hampton Escrow, Inc. processes loan escrows for many Mortgage Brokers, Institutional Lenders, and Credit Unions. In addition to these, Hampton Escrow, Inc. also handles loan escrows for private investors. Commercial/Investment Property Escrows Whether it is a complex multi-property transaction or a simple exchange property, Hampton Escrow, Inc. has over 20 years experience and expertise in handling these types of transactions. Hampton Escrow, Inc.is a reliable and aggressive provider of services to the commercial market with a business attitude and image that service to our clients is our most valuable asset. Tax Deferred Exchanges Hampton Escrow, Inc. prides themselves in their ability to handle the most complex transactions involving the exchange of both single and multiple properties, in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. We will cooperate with your personal choice of an Exchange Accomodator Company, conforming to applicable tax deferred exchange regulations.

Expert Service Areas Include:

Residential Real Estate Sales Commerical Real Estate Sales Residential Appartment Escrow Refinances Exchanges Short Sales Loan/ Trust Deed Escrow Probate Sales Notary Public Service

Through our escrow officer's, we offer over 20 years of experience providing you with the knowledge and expertise needed for efficient and economical real estate closings.

Hampton Escrow, Inc. offers courteous and reliable representation, satisfying the requirements and needs of sellers, buyers, realtors and lenders.

All Real Estate transactions - purchasing a home or refinancing - require the concerted effort of all parties to close the transaction timely and economically.  Our Escrow Officer's specializes in the coordination of all parties to achieve consistent, excellent results. 



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