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My Company, TruClose Financial Services, LLC is truly revolutionizing the title, mortgage and  real estate industry as a whole. We strive to provide the best possible service to our mutual customers as well as have the highest ethics and moral values. Thank you for visiting our page.


Thank You!

Jason C. Sheppard                                    

President and CEO

TruClose Financial Services, LLC

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 As a title company: We can offer so much more than any competitor. Able to issue a clear to close on most purchase loans in under 4 business days, we offer simplicity to the real estate agent as well as the loan officer and of course, the buyers and sellers of the property. For refinance transactions, generally, you are clear to close in 48 hours. In terms of pricing, we will meet and beat any other title companys fees. Generally, the transaction is settled for only $200.00 over the cost of title insurance and endorsements.



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As an Appraisal Company: TruClose offers the lowest pricing, turnaround times and will even list the appraisal fee on the settlement statement meaning your borrower does not have to pay up front. Many times, the borrower does not have the means to pay for the appraisal. Let us help. Unlike most appraisal companies, TruClose does not mark up the cost. Your borrowers pay what we pay our appraisers, period.

Our Turnkey Approach Fuels Our great Service

As a Settlement Services Company: TruClose will close your loans 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our business does not and CAN NOT stop at 5:00 PM. We cater to your borrowers needs at no extra charge to them. We closed 85-100 loans in 2006 after Midnight. We are halfway to those numbers through April of 2007. Also, TruClose strives to provide the best settlement fees in the industry. We are well below the national average of closing costs in each state of licensure (47). We also have a vast network of over 60,000 cerified signing agents, mobile notaries and mobile attornies to insure your loan closes on time, every time.

Happy Clients, Always!

As an Abstracting Company: We pride ourselves on providing the fastest turnaround times in the abstracting industry. We offer services from document retrieval to mortgage recording services. Backed by our $2,000,000 Errors and Ommissions insurance, you can always feel confident that you are covered against any liability or loss.


Our areas of expertise include:

**Nationwide Coverage Area for full ALTA Title Insurance (50 States)

**Nationwide Coverage for Settlement Services (50 States)

**Nationwide Coverage Area for Appraisal Services (50 States)

**Nationwide Coverage for Lead Generation Services (50 States)

**Nationwide Coverage for Abstracting Services (50 States)


Title Insurance and Settlements Directly Offered In : AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI,

Work Share Through Underwriter Available in: AK, ID, NM, ND, OK, SD, WY


$2,000.000 E/O Insurance Policy for All Abstracts


Appraisal Turn Around Time:

48 Hours, Guaranteed (Nationwide)


Title Turn Around Time:

 Same day (if ordered before 10:00 AM to 24-48 hours on refinances and purchases, guaranteed!



In today's seemingly dying market, free, innovative thinking is the key to success.

Let us dissect that statement, shall we?

Ok, seems easy enough... Right?


TruClose Financial Services consists 100% of Innovators.


What defines a free thinker? Innovation, creativity? The ability to see the good in a bad situation?  

I believe unity and free thinking are going to be the saviors of our collective and respective industries.


In today's market, companies of all types within the real estate industry must unite together and have the ability to lean on one another during these volatile times. With some of the largest sub prime lenders going belly up, it is a scary time for the mortgage broker, loan originator and title company owner such as myself. This also affects many Realtors abilities to close on their properties as the ever popular 80% 20% or 80% 15% 5% programs are nearly non-existent.

Stressed? Losing Sleep Over the Housing Market?



Well, with most people hurting in this market, it is very easy to fall into bad and unethical business practices, just as it was during the refi boom. Bad and unethical business practices during the refi boom has much to with the way todays market is. Many people did not care about putting people into adjustable rate mortgages only to have their mortgage payment double and even triple in a 3-5 year term. Most however, did not know just how negatively they would be affecting their customer and our industry collectively.

For those hurting for business today, it is very easy for someone to forget about ethics and values as they need to continue to make a living. This is why the "kickback" is seen more than not these days. During the refi boom, every mortgage originator just HAD to have their own title company. It was quite lucrative sure, but how did it affect the borrowers who paid more for their closing costs to make up for the money the title company "kicked-back"? How did it affect those good people who felt it necessary to enter into a JV to stay competitive and who are now doing time away from their families in prison? Or, those who had to pay back most of what they earned during the time under the JV destroying their own families?

Don't get in over your head, ever! Temptation may be there but there's a better way!

I, Jason Sheppard, owner of TruClose Financial Services LLC want to revitalize our industry and bring it back to it's days of thriving and it being of great value to those who utilize us Active Rainers to finalize their American Dream. I receive great satisfaction when seeing joyous smiles on young couples' faces when closing on their very own first home; or the relief when we save a person's home from foreclosure; or just delivering money to those in need through a mortgage refinance.


Remember these looks of happiness?

I am looking for true professionals who enjoy free thinking and care about turning this industry around. Most of all, I want to work with people who care first and foremost about our mutual customers. Lets share ideas, thoughts or lets even do business! I have numerous posts on this site regarding our services and our free lead generation programs to our clients; Realtors and mortgage originators. These good people that we refer are only available to the true professionals and those who truly care for the customer and want to better the industry. Please contact me if you are interested in turning things around. Together, lets lead the charge.

Thank You!

Jason C. Sheppard

President and CEO

TruClose Financial Services, LLC

888-510-9665                  Corporate Website      Lead Generation Platform (19 Sites)


Truly, the nation's best title company. Best turnaround times, cheapest fees and astounding work ethic. Always go above and beyond for everyone. We understand that referrals are your lifeline........