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Lisa and I met in college.  I was a Medallion Schollar - It is a schollarship based stictly on an acedemic competition.  Lisa was a Presidential Schollar and graduated as the number one student in the marketing college.  The rest is history.  After being promoted several times at the Coca Cola Corporation, and rising quickly in a highly reputable company, Lisa realized her potential as an entrepenure and began to focus her efforts on customer appreciation and client satisfaction in the real estate industry.

I focus on the goal of getting 3 referrals from every client.  The only way to reach that goal is to meet and exceed the expectaion of everyone I work with.  This requires attention to those items most important to our friends and clients.  It requires extensive knowledge of the market and the ability to put even the most difficult deals together.  As long as it is in the best interest of my friends and clients; no deal should ever die.

The testimonials and success stories given to us by our clients are our most treasured asset.


Areas of Expertise

Creative Solutions.

Negotiation, Networking, and Relationship Building.

Wish I'd thought of that!

Southeast Michigan has been a black hole since the beginning of the 21st century.  Now it just sucks everything down deeper.  Finding "the person who knows the right people" especially at the banks, is something I've worked hard to develop.

If you are still a top producing agent in Southeast Michigan then you must be creative.  Careful market research is essential every day and sometimes every hour.  The decision makers at banks change their rules and underwriting standards for accepting short sales every day and it pays to stay on top of the changes.

Short Sales, Residential Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Business Only Sales, Vacant Land,  are all areas I work in;  70% residential - 30% other.


Associate Broker; Active in listing and Sales, Negotiation Specialist, Short Sale Advisor, Freelance Real Estate columnist for Oakland Press. Public Speaker, Career Coach for Real Estate agents.