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•1.    To be HONEST about every aspect of the home selling process. This will allow you to make difficult decisions with confidence and peace of mind.


•2.    To be AGGRESSIVE in our SEARCH for potential BUYERS.  Our Active Marketing Techniques have helped hundreds of families move fast.


•3.    To COMMUNICATE bi-weekly all events relating to the sale of your home.  You will NEVER have to say, "We never heard from our agent".


•4.    To use our EXPERIENCE and TRACK RECORD to get the job done fast.  SUCCESS is a HISTORY not a PROMISE


•5.     To give your family EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, care genuinely for your needs and earn the right to become your Family Real Estate Agent for Life.


                                               In Today's Competitive Real Estate Market,

Commitment Makes All The Difference.


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  You need good sound reasons to choose The Spena Real Estate Team:  •Ø    Experience: Toni works Full-Time, most agents are part time.•Ø    Experience: Toni keeps on top of the industries training; in fact some of the training has won awards.•Ø    Track Record: Toni and her team are proud to be associated with the industries leader. •Ø    Track Record: Toni has a trail of satisfied customers•Ø    Track Record: Success is a history not a promise.•Ø    Negotiation Skill:  One of my last deals, I got the family dog and eight chickens•Ø    Negotiation Skill: Toni is a master at offer negotiation and this could be worth thousands of dollars.•Ø    Marketing: Toni has the most aggressive active home marketing program available today.  •Ø    Communication:  Toni will call you every two weeks to update you in regard to the sale.•Ø    Technology: Toni is fully automated with personal computers, voice mail, pagers, web sites, data base technology, digital processing, call coordination and personal assistants.•Ø    Technology: Toni has the best in data base technology to track your potential buyers.  We generate an average of 8 new leads every day!•Ø    Teamwork:  Toni has a team of assistants that are always in the field looking for homebuyer.•Ø    Exposure: A database of over 1000 past clients, future customers that may be looking for a property like yours.•Ø    Exposure: Toni and REMAX Unlimited Northwest has a worldwide referral network for incoming buyers.•Ø    Ethics: Toni is honest and committed to getting you Top Dollar in the Least Amount of Time.