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Thanks for visiting my profile; I hope you enjoy the read.

My name is Tommy Welchman. I've been a real estate investor for approximately 15 years and a licensed broker for the last eleven. Over the past years I've run and managed a few successful real estate businesses, taught real estate investing all over the US for the last 5 years and have been successfully coaching for the same. I love real estate and therefore am passionate about it and my profession.

In my many travels instructing others on real estate investing I noticed one constant in conference centers; a disproportionate attendance by Keller Williams agents over all other franchise and independent names. After a year of witnessing this first hand (thick skull syndrome) my interest was intensely elevated. I began to do some research regarding KW and after a few months was honored to share my licensure with them and begin what would be a very short yet intense trip to ownership.  

In late 2009 Keller Williams identified me as a potential OP (Operating Principal) and I, with great expectation, began the testing and evaluating process. To my amazement the system in place at KW for selection of the right people for the right job, from the Regional Directors to the OP to the Team Leader to the salesperson in the office was well defined more importantly a critical part of the process of being successful. So, here we are in 2010 and I have the benefit of experiencing the finest training available and working with some of the most committed sales agents and real estate professionals in the county. From non distressed properties to the homeowner just a few weeks from a forced sale I see our agents and staff fully committed to the customer and dedicated to doing the best they can with the tools they have.

We also work with a select team of realtors from other agencies on a very specialized short sale program that keeps 100% of their commission in their pocket, costs them and/or their customers zero dollars. We're very successful at what we do and our system is.... Well, the best I've seen yet. We share a lot of these ideas as well as receive top agent ideas at our weekly AGENT MASTERMIND sessions we have Tuesday mornings in Punta Gorda at River City Grill. The AGENT MASTERMIND weekly is for agents from any real estate office to share their best practices and success stories for making the grade in a shifting market. There's no recruiting at these events and the agents who attent (about 20 now) leave with a great feeling of having learned and the outstanding opportunity to build relationships in their field. We'd love to have you also so if you'd like to attend send me an email or feel free to call.

You can also follow me on and by looking me up under Thomas Welchman or Keller Williams Peace River Partners. Hopefully I'll see you there. I'm also on and for those of you who prefer those sites and/or use that free service to stay in touch with others.

I look forward to hearing from you and entering a mutually beneficial relationship with you in the near future.

Kindest regards,

Tommy Welchman


Presently our KW team consists of some of the finest people I've come to know in my real estate career.

Our Team Leader is a wonderful, dedicated woman; Lynn Doty. Lynn is famous in the KW system for having the most profitable and successful launch in KW history in Atlanta Georgia just a few years ago. Lynn has recently fallen in love with the SW Florida area and decided to set roots here and we are lucky to have her skill and talent as part of our leadership and core team.

Also on our core team are outstanding realtors who are partial owners of our local franchise, Nancy Webber and Vicky McPhee embody the highest moral and ethical practice of real estate. Their are two ways for an OP to ascertain such a statement; first is how their services to their customers is received and second is what the agents with whom they are conducting a transaction report upon conclusion of the deal. I can honestly say it's a pleasure having this core team and being a first hand witness of their hard work and dedication to themselves, their industry and their office.

From my perspective and 17 years of business experience I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no underestimating the value of having the right people on your team. There is no substitute that can yield the same result or manage the culture or attract other talent to our team than having people like this, above reproach, on your team. I am proud to have them and consider myself blessed to have earned their trust and been honored by them associating with me and by extension the Keller Williams organization.


Broker Associate at Charlotte County's Keller Williams franchised location; Realtor, public speaker, motivator, leader and coach.