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Top 10 reasons to implement our program


1.     We are much more than property event planners. We are public relation liaisons that strategically deliver social connections and more to your residents based on the individual culture of the community as well as needs and desires expressed.

2. According to SatisFacts sixty percent of resident turnover is controllable. Our research shows us that the majority of apartment staff are not utilizing retention strategies consistently therefore causing them to miss out on their full potential when it comes to retaining residents.

3. We work with you  to create a plan that caters specifically to the desires of your residents in order to assure maximum resident retention.

4. Because we are performance based our Ambassadors are eager to be successful at both planning creative events and creating valuable connections  depending on our 24 hour support to help them strategize ways to help you passively encourage your residents to stay.

5.  We recruit, train, manage and reward reps that already live on your property.

6. We take a special interest in at risk residents. We have specialized strategies and reward our Ambassadors for turning these transactions around.

7. You get major bang for your buck when it comes to successful resident events. Our Ambassadors are trained to be extremely resourceful always watching the bottom line and using our buying power and other resources to create great events and contests for the lowest amount.

8.  A very small investment saves you a great deal of time and money as your current staff can focus on leasing and maintaining the property allowing us to do what we do best.

9. The wheels that we put in motion are designed to work for the good of your apt community long after your regular staff has gone home for the day.

10. By default our efforts help on the front end as  well because we raise the value of your property not only making the atmosphere more enjoyable for your current residents but for your staff as well.


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"We build communities withhin communities that last!"