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Get to Know Jeff Cross

There was a time when longevity and loyalty meant something in the business world. In these uncertain times, it  seems like those words have almost been forgotten. Not to Jeff Cross. For more than twenty years, Cross has been building a foundation of longevity and loyalty in the Title insurance world, building relationships with his clients the old fashioned way – by offering superior customer service.


For Cross, a career in title wasn’t just an afterthought, it was a carefully made decision. “I came into title right out of college,” he says. “And I decided to learn everything I could from the inside out. I essentially grew up in the industry and have a working knowledge of all aspects of it.” That translates into a level of professionalism not often found in this day and age.


By the time Cross made the jump to sales more than 12 years ago, he had the ability to assist his customers from beginning to end, and sales, as it turns out, was just the career for him. He likes challenges and he likes helping others, two things that are necessary to be a success in this industry. He’s also most content being out in the world, working one on one with his clients – not stuck behind a desk in a cubicle somewhere. “I come into the office very early in the morning, and then I’m gone all day helping my clients. Almost immediately I realized that working in sales was something I not only liked, but I realized that I had something to offer my clients as well. I utilize the knowledge I had built working behind the scenes as well as the connections I had made to jumpstart my sales career.”


He began to win awards for customer service and production consistently placing first or second for his previous company– and he began to build a loyal customer base. “I make it easy,” he notes. “I listen to the customer first and then make recommendations. I’m not trying to sell them on a particular product – especially if it doesn’t meet their needs. I don’t push products. With me it really is all about the customer.” Cross also has a secret weapon of sorts. A Coachella Valley resident for many years, Cross brings a perspective to the industry that’s hard to beat. “I graduated from high school here,” he says. “I’ve seen a lot of growth and development. If my client is talking about a certain piece of property or an area they would like to market to, I know exactly where it is and how best to help them.” Now, Cross is proud to say that he remains committed to the area he calls home. As a soccer coach for two of his three children, Cross is out in the community and involved in a personal way. “Being out there and making the community a better place side by side with my friends and customers is something I really enjoy. It’s important to all of us.”


Partnering with the industry leader is also important to Cross. “Ticor Title has been around for more than 100 years. They know the title industry inside and out and working with a good team can make all the difference in the world to my clients.” Additionally, Cross understands the importance of marketing. “It’s about more than pens and pads of paper, for us,” he says. “Here at Ticor Title, we offer the most cutting-edge and up-to date marketing materials found anywhere. Helping my clients build their business helps me build my business. I’m not just here to get them through this deal and then we’re done – this is all about relationships. We’re in this together.”