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Dwight Bickel
Real Property Title Advisor
location_on Edmonds, WA — Self-employed part time real estate legal services.
WSBA 12293
Get to Know Dwight Bickel

Presently my legal services for the public will be limited to residential real estate. You may contact me by email initially to request my assistance with your purchase or sale of real property (preferably before an offer has been submitted). I also will assist you to change the title, or to negotiate or mediate disputes with neighbors about easements, covenants or boundary improvements.

I am also available as a consultant to real estate professionals and attorneys to assist with real estate transactions and to act as an expert supporting litigation related to real property title and title insurance coverage.

For the prior 40 years, I have served as a lawyer within law firms and and as an in-house legal advisor within title companies resolving challenges related to real estate transactions.

I recently retired as NW Region Counsel for the Fidelity National Title Group supporting all its title companies and their agents in six states.

I have been privileged to serve the industry by speaking at seminars, by writing essays and by appointments on various committees for both title associations and real property bar associations.

The Washington Land Title Association recognized my knowledge about real property title with its designation as a Washington Title Professional. In 2018 WLTA awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to me, the second person to receive that highest honor.

Specialties: My experience gives me specialized knowledge of title insurance coverage, escrow duties and requirements for compliance with state and federal regulation of the title industry. My past transaction work also has given me specialized knowledge regarding boundary disputes, easement rights, foreclosures, mortgage modification, workout agreements and bankruptcy.

How Dwight Coordinates Title Advisor Services with Real Estate Brokers

Dwight works in partnership with real estate brokers, helping their customers understand the title report, inspect for boundary issues, and get the most title insurance protection.


My specialized knowledge would include creating title insurance forms, analysis of title policy coverage, negotiation of solutions to transaction problems with specialized policy modifications and endorsements, mechanic's lien rights, mortgage priorities, foreclosure issues, enforceability of covenants and the creation and extinguishment of easements.


I received the Washington Land Title Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.


I earned the designation "Washington Title Professional" from the Washington Land Title Assocaiton.


Providing legal support for real property transactions for 42 years. I work with real estate brokers to help their customers understand the title report and inspect the property for boundary issues.