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National Mortgage Broker; Senior Loan Officer, Specializing In All Mortgage Loan Types In All States...

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Realtors, looking for a Mortgage Broker to pre-qualify and get financing for your home buyers? Consider my qualifications outlined below and contact me to discuss providing a long-term, honest, unified service for you and your homebuyers.

Our Company

Home Savings of America is a National Bank and we are regulated by the OCC (Option Clearing Corp.) and the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.) We have strong relationships with over 50 different lenders. (This means more programs to close your loans.)

My Unique Qualifications

Mortgage Broker / Senior Loan Officer / Credit Consultant for 8 years.

Characteristics; Tenacious, Patience, Forthright, Understanding.

I like philosophy; in particular - Zen philosophy! There is a saying that I use daily, in good times and bad; "What life is, is life, so live your life as if it is your last day alive."

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What I Specialize in ...

There aren't many loans that I'm not familiar with. Over the years I've been afforded the luxury of closing an array of loans for my many borrowers by staying informed of the ever changing loan programs available. I have done a variety of loan sizes for all types of borrowers from purchasers to those wanting to refinance. I also consult about credit repair / credit restoration for my future home buyers or those wanting to refinance. 

Programs Available     Just to name a few....

Conventional / Alt A                                          Retail commercial loans

Stated loans                                                     Investment property financing

100% purchases                                               Low documentation loans

Interest only loans                                            FHA / VA and Reverse Mortgages                           

I have the tools to close more loans with more loan programs.

100% DeliveryAs a rule, I am committed to over-communication, under-promising & over-delivering - both to my Homebuyer Customers and Realtors. I always treat Realtors and Homebuyers the way I would want to be treated, explaining every step of the process and being honest and upfront with both good news & bad. In each relationship I provide to my customers:A simple, easy-to-understand explination of the mortgage process A checklist of my responsibilities throughout the process All legally required documents (Good Faith Estimate, Truth in Lending Act, etc.) A checklist of what may be required for closing A HUD the day before closingVisit our website at:
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