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Relocating to North Carolina? Arizona? South Carolina? Virginia? Florida? Geogia? A different state? If you're from Long Island and you answered yes to any of these locations, then you've come to the right place. 

Greetings from "The L.I. Relo Guy". "Relo" is the common term used for relocation, which is something that Long Islanders are currently doing with great frequency. 

As a native Long Islander, I understand the appeal of living on Long Island.  Living on Long Island affords you the opportunity to: benefit from the great beaches, enjoy outstanding restaurants, spend recreation time in amazing state parks, play golf on numerous courses, go fishing for a variety of fish, attend concerts and sporting events, participate in cultural activities, shop at an abundance of retail stores and outlets, and drive out to the East End where you can visit the wineries to sample local wines.

We have a very unique community with its own personality that binds us no matter what part of Long Island we are from, although there are sub-cultures within the fabric of our community based on geographical location.  Nonetheless, whether you are from Suffolk County or Nassau County, the South Shore or the North Shore of Long Island, you are first and foremost a Long Islander.

However, all of the amenities mentioned above, combined with some of the best schools in the country, come at a price that has a number of Long Islanders searching for greener pastures.  Rising home prices and taxes are beginning to take its toll on first time homebuyers, downsizing seniors, and to a degree, everyone in between.  More often than not, home sellers are looking to relocate to places where their taxes will be lower, home prices will be more affordable, traffic and congestion will be minimal and the weather is warm all year round.

Research has shown that the most sought after areas for Long Islanders are:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Virginia, Florida and Georgia.  While it's difficult to watch Long Islanders leaving the place that they have called home all of their lives, it is the reality that exists. 

My goal is to help Long Islanders have as smooth a transition process as possible in relocating to other parts of the country.  As a licensed New York REALTOR®, and Long Island relocation specialist, I offer all of the tools that are necessary to get you and your family established in another part of the country.    

Before your home even goes in the market, it is important that you've researched various relocation destinations to make sure that the area that you've chosen has what you're looking for, as everyone's needs are different.  For some, good schools may be most important.  For others, it may be proximity to healthcare facilities.  The one common theme will most likely be cost of housing and cost of living.  To see a cost of living comparison between various areas, you can use this Cost Of Living Calculator, and to evaluate what your likely salary would be in various areas, you can use this Salary Comparison Calculator.

Once you have narrowed down your choices of relocation destinations by doing your research, you will want to visit each location to see if it is a good fit for you.  As part of my relocation service, I will put you in touch with a local expert that can not only help you with your home search, but also educate you about life in their particular area.   Often times, these are people that have relocated to the area themselves, so they know the exact issues that you are dealing with.  This team of professionals has been carefully screened to make sure that they are in fact prepared to handle all of your relocation needs.  This service is offered to you, at no charge, for locations virtually everywhere in the world!

After you've decided on your relocation destination, you will need to place your home on the market.  Long Islanders that are moving out of the area will automatically qualify for my special relocation marketing plan which is designed to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the highest amount of money and the least amount of hassle.  My goal is to have you start your new life in the best possible way. 

All I ask in return, is that if you are happy with the service that you receive, that you recommend me to your friends and family that are in need of the same professional services that I provided. 

Oh yeah...and a postcard from your new location letting me know how happy you are in your new home.



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Long Islanders are relocating out of NY. The LI Relo Guy will help you sell your home with my special relocation program and refer you to a local expert in your destination of choice.