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I own a loan processing company that works with 30 lenders & various different mortgage companies. I work with good credit bad credit and no credit. Have a rush loan rush it over, haven’t been able to get someone approved let us try we’ve specialized in getting people the home of their dreams. Well take the time to make a loan work that other companies don’t have the time to invest in it. The turnaround time on a file is about 2 weeks. I've worked for many mortgage companies and sometime files take one to two months to get financing this is crazy!! Everyone wins here with Last Stop Processing we try to eliminate the middle man and get files done right and fast. L/O's if you have a file and you know that their serious don’t give it to your mortgage company that you work for and receive your 30-50% bring it to us and well give you 60% for your first 5 then 65% for your next 5 then from then on you’ll receive 70%. You’ll never receive that from your mortgage company. Realtors if we receive a file from you well send u 2,000 at closing and if the home you’re selling is 500,000 or more we’ll send you an additional 1,000 bonus. Realtors cut out slow moving mortgage companies all together. Loan officers stop having your paychecks cut my greedy brokers. And if there’s any brokers out there who just have too much on your plate we'll take care of you too.


We work with all home buyers and refinancers, we work with good credit bad credit and no credit. If your about to loose your home well do everything to help you save it. In this industry you find that 99% of people don’t really care about their customers…here we do! Well do what ever needs to be done however much time needs to be spent in order to get someone the home of their dreams or to save the homeowner that the misfortunate happened to. I’ve worked with every type of situation from 3 million dollar homes to 55thousand dollar auctioned properties. I licensed to do loans in 8 different states and am working on another 3 by December.
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