trever florko (century 21)

100-1634 harvey ave

kelowna , bc v1y6g2

I pride myself on being a no pressure sales person. That is why I make it my mandate to be as hands on (or hands off) as you need me to be.

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Why Am I Different From Other Realtors?

While the answer is easy, it isn't short. I focus on building relationships. I don't want to just "sell you something" or just "sell your home" and then vanish from sight. I like to stay in touch with past clients, not in a smothering or annoying manner, just a gentle "Hey, I am here if you need anything" way.  Let's be honest; we probably went through some interesting times, finding you the right home and negotiating a fair price.  While a lot of emotions may have surfaced during this experience, we were a team. I like to believe my clients see me as not just another sales person and realize I am their ally.

For this reason, I will do whatever it takes to make your buying or selling experience a good one. I am here when you need me and unlike some Realtors you can always reach me. I take pride in my availability and promise to be at hand. The era of the personal touch, of service you can depend on, is still alive when you deal with me.

I simply cannot emphasize this enough: I AM ON YOUR SIDE.

I live by the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

To me, you are not just a commission, you are a person. I truly mean this.

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Many Realtors say they specialize in this or that. Examples of Realtor specialties we often see are "lakeshore specialist, condo specialist, foreclosure specialist, etc." If I had to choose one specialty that I could call my own I would say I am a "people specialist" and in my opinion that is the best kind of specialist to be. Any Realtor can manage to sell a condo or lakeshore property but not any Realtor can do what it takes to make the sales experience enjoyable. I pride myself on being able to read and understand what people need to make their real estate transaction as stress free and enjoyable as possible. My no pressure approach and down to earth, easy going nature tend to put people at ease and I enjoy going the extra mile to make my clients happy.  Part of being a "people specialist" is generally enjoying meeting new people and I do. In fact that is the main reason I became a Realtor. Being easy going is great but of course there is a time and place for a more hard line strategy. That time is when I need to negotiate the best deal for you and being able to read people goes a long way in that department too.

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