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INTEGRATED PROFESSIONAL STAGING SERVICES -Interior design and Landscaping -Shopping and or Renting furniture, accessories -Minor repairs -Specialized cleaning and Organizing. and Space usage

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STAGE: Most people can't visualize how minor changes can translate into mayor selling assets for a property!

We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals with over 15 years of experience that teamed up to create a consulting company in order to provide an array of different services for homes, boats, office.

Professional staging.  -Minor repairs (Painting, plumbing, carpentry etc)     -Interior design and Landscaping     -Shopping  and or Renting furniture, accessories , art consulting and services    -Special and professional cleaning services.    -Professional organizing and space usage

Statistics show a instead of a reduction on the price of the property , investing in staging both accelerate the sale (aprx. 50% less time on the market), and avoid further reductions on the property.

We staged a real state agent's house up in Penbroke Pines Fl that had been on the market 4 months , 5 days after in the Open house she received an offer an 10 days after they signed the selling contract.

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We adapt to your needs and BUDGET.

We can do a report on hands on for the property owner or we can do the complete job!

Our Consultation Services start as little as $275.00 and this includes  "WMS Report"wchich will include pictures,hand on recommendations and estimates .

Our team of professionals include ASP Certified Home Stagers, Architects, Engineers, General contractors , Interior Designers, Graphic designer, Cleaning specialists, Environmental Consultants as well as Professional Organizers.

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