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Lender: Residential, Multi Residential, FHA VA SBA, Commercail & Private.


Realtors should work with me, like you I follow up with the buyers you have sent me. More than once a realtor has given up on a buyer when months later, they get a call from that buyer saying he is ready to find and close a house now.

I keep realtors abreast of where the buyer's thinking is. When the pro's talk, we can usually close that transaction.

 I reflect well upon your buyers, supporting and holding you up as a professional set apart from the rest of the crowd.



What does it take to get a better rate than the next guy? That's right, 750+ credit scores. How many lenders know how to kick your scores up a notch for a better rate?  When you meet one, let me know. We evaluate your credit for potential score increase scenario's. Forty percent of our borrowers qualify for a better loan within 5 days of our evaluations. 

Have you ever got a direct lender on the phone to congratulate you on your loan approval? Then later on tell you they couldn't deliver that loan. Why? Because they were unable to deliver the stipulated conditions described on the approval.

With your cooperation, we obtain underwritten approvals but more importantly troubleshoot the stipulation and process the loan to meet those stipulations. Banks teach volume processing. They can't be bothered with the special attention required for perfection. They love to buy our loans.   

Did you know that each bank has a preference for the type of loans they want? It's our job to know where to place your loan resulting in the best rate, terms and product for your individual needs. You won't pay any more if you went direct.

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