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As a professional Home Stager, Interior Redesigner and Color Specialist, I will support you in your efforts to sell, redesign or choose color for your home for the best sale or living arrangement.

It's about bringing the best features forward, without added expense- using what you already have. It's that first impression, the lasting impression that will bring you a quick sale for top dollar.

Interior redesign is not about tearing down walls or doing major renovations. It's about creating beautiful sight lines and eliminating eye catching distractions. We will highlight and showcase existing features of your living space so buyers imagine themselves living there.

Your home is a major investment. Staging is a simple and inexpensive investment in your home to maintain its equity. Staging your home will only cost you if you DON'T stage it. The purpose and result of home staging is to make EXTRA MONEY on the sale of your home.

In 2002, Forbes, referred to Home Stagers/Redesigners as "the dream weavers of the real estate world". They go on to say that "House Fluffers can take a home and turn it into another house entirely, often in a matter of days!"

Transformations can take place in a matter of one day, depending on the nature or extent of staging or redesign required.

We can help you achieve your goals whether it is to sell your home or enhance its look and layout.

We will listen to your needs and desires and work with you to meet and exceed those dreams.

We will respect you and your home, and provide you with the best service possible, we guarantee it! se this section to write about yourself - don't be shy - Why should a buyer or seller want to work with you? Do you have any certifications and qualifications? What sets you apart from other agents/loan officers?



"We need to sell our home quickly for top dollar. What do we need to do to make that happen without sacrificing price?"
As a homeowner looking to sell your home, you want to sell your home quickly for top dollar.

Staging a home involves preparing your home by eliminating eye catching distractions and highlighting and showcasing features of your home so that buyers can imagine themselves living in your home.

Your home is a major investment. Staging is a simple and inexpensive investment in your home to maintain its equity. Staging is an INVESTMENT not an expense. Staging will cost you only if you DON'T stage it.

Consider these facts from a 2003 Home Gain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents: "Moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80 - $2,800 made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold."

Typically after about a month on the market most realtors will suggest a price reduction. It could range from $5,000 and up! That is a lot more than the typical home staging or redesign fee. Savvy realtors will work with Home Stagers & Redesigners because they know that they can increase and maintain the value of their homes during the process and ultimate speedy sale. Home Stagers can quickly highlight or diffuse what will sell a home. That is good news for sellers!

A home sells quicker when a potential homeowner is able to walk into your home and can visualize living there.


"I want a new look for my home but cannot afford to purchase new items. How can I get a new look on a shoestring budget?"

Sound familiar?

How often have you wanted to make a change but lacked the funding or expertise to take that first step, only to feel when you did, it wasn't really what you wanted. What a waste of time and money!

An Interior Redesigner works with whatever the homeowner already owns - including items purloined from other rooms in the home and rearranges it to give a room an entirely new look. Interior Redesign is not about tearing down walls or doing major renovations. It is about creating beautiful sight lines and showcasing existing architecture and focal points. The result is a decorator look without the decorator price tag.

Transformations can happen in one day. We will recycle, reuse and repurpose what you already have!


"I want to make a color choice, but I am not sure how to pick and choose the right color. Where do I begin?"
Whether you are making a color selection for your home, business, personal or for a listed property, color selection can be intimidating. With a proven system for choosing the right colors, you can transform your living space quickly and inexpensively. The Dewey color system acts as an interactive tool to help you select and create inspired color combinations for your home. We make it simple to choose colors!


Professional services offered: Home Staging, Interior Redesign and Consults, Color Consultations. Covering Toronto to Ancaster, Ontario. Insured.