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Whether you are looking to sell your home for top dollar or are looking to update and organize your current space, we have a stunning solution for you! As an unbiased third party, we are skilled at editing, re-styling, and refreshing your property to make it desirable for buyers and our clients alike! Our team specializes in Interior Re-Design and Staging, combining the newest elements in the Interior Design and Real Estate Industries. Our mission is to transform your living spaces and/or offices. With our help, these rooms become inviting, beautiful spaces that not only are appealing to the eye, but they make people feel good each time they enter. If you are selling your home, you should know that clutter eats equity and that buyers generally judge by what they see, not by what could be. Stunning Solutions edits the clutter and stages rooms so that buyers are able see your home's true beauty. Staging is a growing industry which is swiftly gaining attention from the Real Estate Community. This is because the cost of staging is less than your first price reduction and it protects your investment. Overall, Stunning Solutions has accredited staging professionals who are trained and experienced in staging to make the most of your investments.


We can do as little or as much as wanted! Walk and Talk Consultations usually take 2 hours and give the client everything they need to know to get the house ready for the market. Sellers often show resistance to changing their home, but when they begin to see that it is a product on the market, they are more flexable to the changes which will bring them more money at the closing. A plus of this is that we will actually move some of the furniture to help the seller see instant results of our advice, getting them more excited about the changes. Nearly every single home needs a consultation because even interior designers have a hard timed critiquing their own homes. Occupied Full Service Stagings cost more than the previous, but offers tremendous one day transformations! This is our most expensive service, but the time and money it saves in the long run is more than triple the cost. Working with the seller's schedule, our team will arrive to edit and stage the house just like is seen on television. We do all the heavy moving and handle design decisions that most people would "pay not to have to deal with." The full service staging fee can also be charged to their credit card and paid off at closing. Vacant Full Service Stagings transform a cold and unemotional house into a property with style and warmth. Buyers look online for houses that they want to tour and a vacant home has no "presence" on the internet. One vacant home blends into another to become forgettable. Also, staging helps online shoppers by having some furnishings in the room to give it scale, meaning the buyer will have a better feel as to the size of the space. It adds drama that creates the emotional pull that will cause them to put it on their list of homes to tour. Plus, when buyers enter the staged vacant house, they will be able to visualize themselves living there! Accessory Rental is a key service that we incorporate into our stagings. Staging an occupied home is about un-decorating the seller's space and transforming it into a neutral product that will appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Classic, dramatic accessories accomplish this goal. Plus, accessories need to be of a certain size, scale, and color to show up in internet photos. Our staging inventory is carefully chosen just for this purpose. We recommend that sellers maintain the accessory rental until at least the settlement of the inspection. Waiting until closing is still the best advice, because closings do fall through. MLS Photography is included in Full Service Stagings. We do offer this service for our agents and sellers since we know how important great photos are to attracting buyers.


Stunning Solutions specializes in Interior Re-Design and Home Staging. We have accredited staging professionals trained and experienced in staging to make the most out of your investment!