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Beth Young
Professional Home Stager
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Get to Know Beth Young

Hello!  My name is Beth Young, owner of Best Estate Staging Techniques.  Here's a little about myself and the way I conduct my business.I attained my Accredited Staging® Professional (ASPTM) designation from Barb Schwarz, the person who created, in 1972, the concept of Home Staging®.  As an ASPTMStager, I am building my business through my commitment to serving others, doing what I love and relying on many skills; two of the most important being my ability to communicate and my creativity.  I seek to, respectfully, educate homeowners so they understand how certain changes will ensure financial rewards when selling their homes.  One example is when I convey to homeowners the difference between Staging® and Decorating.  When you decorate your home, you personalize it.  When you Stage your home, you do the opposite.  You depersonalize it by removing distractions so that potential buyers focus on the space your home has to offer, not what is in the space.  

Born and raised in Texas, I retired from the Austin Police Department, as a Police Sergeant, after 23 years.  I determined to make my second career very different from the first but utilize many of the skills I learned, such as attention to detail. I, also, feel it's of utmost importance for my clients to be able to trust me with one of their most valuable possessions, their homes.


Best Estate Staging Techniques is proud to offer a wide array of services, including:

This is for persons who prefer to Stage their own homes and will include the initial meeting at your home, photos of your rooms at that time, "shopping" your home for items you will use, rearrange, remove, etc., and our full, written Consultation report.  

VERBAL CONSULTATIONS FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERSAs with the Written Consultation, we'll come to your home and walk the property, inside and out, take digital photos and provide you with the same information as the Written Consultation.  The difference in this package, however, is that the Consultation will be verbal.  You can feel free to take written notes, videotape the Consultation or audiotape it.

STAGING YOUR FURNISHED HOMEWe will come to your home, walk it, inside and out, take digital photos, measurements and "shop" your home for furniture and accessories we might use.  We will, at that time, advise you of any repairs and/or upgrades that we feel should be accomplished, prior to Staging and placing your home on the market, which will expedite the sale of your home.  

Next, we'll schedule a day to begin Staging your home.  When we arrive, we will bring any additional furniture or accessories that are required.  Then, using your own furnishings and accessories, as well as some, if needed, from our inventory, we will Stage your home, inside and out and turn it into a product that is sure to show better than other, un-Staged homes on the market. 

STAGING YOUR UNFURNISHED HOMEThis option is great for homeowners, home builders, property managers and investors!  After we Stage it, it will look like a model home!  As with the Furnished Home package, we will come to your home, walk the property, inside and out, take photos and measurements and advise you of repairs and/or upgrades we suggest you accomplish, prior to Staging your home and placing it on the market. 

Next, we'll schedule a day to begin Staging.  We will place furnishings in your home, from our own inventory or we will shop for you, at one of our Furniture Rental vendors and choose furniture which we believe will encourage the sale of your home, then you will enter into a separate, rental contract with that company (we do the footwork for you, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line!). 

STAGING YOUR HOME OR OFFICE FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES OR  OTHER GATHERINGSFor this option, we will meet your at your home or office, discuss what atmosphere you would like for your Holiday party or other gathering, determine how many rooms you would like Staged and take "before" digital photos.  This package includes a flat fee for Staging your space, rental of our inventory, deStaging, after your event is over and "before and after" photos.

STAGING TO LIVE!This is a GREAT choice for those of you who are tired of the current layout in your home or office.  We all grow tired of the same thing, day in and day out, month after month.  With this package, our team will come to your home or office and re-purpose your furniture and accessories, rearranging them and providing you with a new, wonderful atmosphere!  We will, also, provide you with "before and after" digital photos.  We can Stage To Live! one room or all the rooms.  You decide!  If you would like to add pieces of furniture or accessories to your home, we can shop for those for you, as well!  It's your choice!


Best Estate Staging Techniques- Accredited Home Staging Professional who enjoys Staging Central Texas and sharing the excitement and anticipation of selling, right along with our clients!