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Maverick n.  2:  an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party.

Steven doesn't take a "one size fits all" approach to assisting his customers with their financing needs.  He recognizes that each person's circumstances are different and that the financing perfectly suited for one person may be detrimental to the next.  Consequently, Steven does a complete analysis of each customers' current situation and financial goals before recommending any financing programs.

Also, Steven has waged a one man war against the credit reporting bureaus, assisting his clients to legally have incorrect and/or negative information removed and thus raising their credit scores by as much as 118 points.

By using the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other little known methods, Steven aggressively strives to get his clients' credit profiles corrected so that they can qualify for the best mortgage programs.  He is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to essentially beat the credit bureaus at their own game.

Steven believes that the best mortgage program for his clients is the one that will allow them to purchase the home of their dreams without making them "house poor".  He achieves this goal by extensively interviewing his clients to learn everything possible about their current AND future plans so that their home can be a complementary addition to their financial portfolio.

Customer Service.  When people hear this phrase, they usually think of characteristics like "friendly", "empathetic", or "caring".  All of these traits are important in your mortgage professional.

Steven believes that the traits needed to define customer service go much deeper.  Being truly helpful, even at the expense of your own interests, is the most important concept to understand true customer service.  Helping your customer to secure financing most advantageous to their future financial well being, as opposed to "getting them a loan", is the mark of a true mortgage professional who places customers' long term interests above your own.

Additionally, long after your loan has closed, Steven continues to stay in touch with you to make sure that your financial goals are on track to ensure that you will always be happy with your purchase.  Steven has many clients who have come back to him 3, 4, 5 or more times for their mortgage needs.  They simply won't settle for anything less than working with Steven.

With 21 years experience in the real estate and lending fields, Steven is uniquely qualified to assist you with your financing needs.  He understands intimately the needs and interests of the Buyer, Seller, Realtor and the lender, dedicating his service to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

Also, Steven is one of the only lenders in the country who completely understands credit and credit scoring!  Steven has assisted hundreds of clients to repair their credit and secure financing for a new home when they were previously told by three, four or even five other lenders that it was impossible.  If you have experienced any of life's challenges, you owe it to yourself to call Steven Today!

Steven Shewell,  The Mortgage Maverick!


Having been in the real estate and mortgage financing fields for over 21 years, I have experienced the ups and downs of the real estate market.  I have also learned that each person is different and what serves one client may not be right for another.  I structure each loan to meet the individual needs of my clients. 

I specialize in working with credit challenged clients.  Many of my clients have spoken with 3,4 5 or more other lenders and been told it can't be done.  Happily, they are enjoying their homes today.  I prefer to look at it as "What do WE have to do" to get you approved for a mortgage rather than, "YOU need to clean up your credit and call me later".  Buying a home requires a team effort between you and your loan officer.  You need someone who is on YOUR side!

I offer a FREE credit repair workshop in which we work together to get your credit repaired and raise your credit scores so that you can get the best mortgage financing terms possible.   Some of my clients have raised their credit scores as much as 118 points.

Offering more than a credit "fix", I work with my clients as long as it takes to completely correct the information so that it no longer bothers them.  This sometimes takes a little longer, but long term it helps put them in the best position possible for the future.  Additionally, because we raise the credit scores as high as possible, most times we can obtain better mortgage rates and terms.  This service can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan!

Additionally, I have assisted hundreds of clients to obtain FHA and VA mortgages.  Having spent over 21 years in real estate and mortgage financing, I helped many clients who had been told "No" so many times they were ready to give up.

Also, I have closed hundreds of conventional, sub-prime and alternate lending loans.  Keeping current on the many changes in the financing options, this allows me to counsel you on the best financing options for your personal needs.

Call me today to see how we can work together to get you into your dream home.


Specialist in working with credit challenges. I have also closed hundreds of FHA and VA loans. We offer a credit repair workshop which has helped clients raise their credit scores up to 118 points