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About Devon

Southern Style Real Estate Practices

Here in Tennessee we are known for our southern accents, homestyle cookin', blessed hearts and words of encouragement. In your search, be it buyer or seller we hope to provide you with information and honest real estate solutions. So, if you are considering a relocation to the great southern state of Tennessee or a happily growing family, our hope is that you will find Sweet Southern Living, a breath of fresh air. Take a look around, and make yourself at home, for southern hospitality is our specialty.

Devon's Background and Expertise

Devon Herman has been involved in the financial industry for years... 15 of them to be exact. When he wasn't learning about finance and sales his heart and soul was poured into learned every portion of excellent customer service. Devon has dealt hands on with the back side of mortgages, foreclosures, large and small business sales and at one point held a securities license. He currently holds a degree in Business Management and is currently furthering his education with a heavy emphasis in business.

Devon's recent move to Keller Williams was a decision carefully made. This move allows his financial expertise the full support of a staff behind him ...leaving nothing to fall through the cracks. If you are interested in the numbers, Devon has sold over 15 million dollars in home lending options and as well as the equivilent in financial savings options. Whether you are looking for an agent who understands customer services, finance or luxury, Devon is your perfectly well rounded agent.


Buying Your Home

Choosing your Real Estate Consultant...

Why does Devon refer to himself as a real estate consultants? Devon thinks and acts more like a consultant than sales person. He uses the title to distinguish himself from Tennessee real estate agents who focus on just one sale. Here at Sweet Southern Living, Devon builds long term relationships by listening to clients, working hard for them, and helping them make the best decision for their situation, regardless of the outcome. He also provides referrals to professionals in a variety of fields that do quality work, his little way of supporting small business owners who he believes in and trusts.


Devon doesn't spend time cold calling or door knocking to find people buying or selling a Tennessee home. His business plan centers on spending all of his time serving clients rather than being an annoyance to innocent home owners/buyers. Devon is able to do this because he has fostered relationships with previous clients, who know that he is honest and hard working, and they regularly refer him to their friends and family.

"Consultant" is a descriptive title, above and beyond that of real estate agent, because he values the relationship more than the paycheck.


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