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Michael Bennett
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Full Service Real Estate Made Simple 

Sold1st Realty was established so people who want to move can do it fast.  Selling a home 

can be an extremely stressful situation, so why prolong the process?  At Sold1st, we present 

our clients with a menu of marketing options.  Whether you choose some or all of these, we 

stand behind our hard work and commitment to make sure your home is seen by the serious 

buyer.   All homes go in print advertisement and online searches.  We offer multiple high 

quality pictures, virtual tours, movies and something else that nobody offers . . . iTunes 

Podcast.    No matter where buyers look, they will see your home for sale. At Sold1st Realty, 

we pride ourselves on serving you better than the competition. 

No bureaucracy, No red tape,  and No big company rules. 

Sold1st Realty is only limited by the the REALTOR Code of Ethics, and of course Federal and 

Maryland law.  Our agent won’t be bogged down by company policy when problems arise.  

Our only rule is to serve our clients and to serve them well.  This means that we make sure 

you enjoy your moving process without the headaches and sales pressures that normally 

come with moving.  We will ensure the transition to your new home runs smoothly, the 

communication lines are open and clear, and all possibilities are accessible.  How do we 

deliver that promise?  For starters, your agent is YOUR agent, you don’t get passed around 

like a hot potato.  We also give you secure access to our database notes.  We’re an open 

book, from our to do list, to your showings, to our testimonials.  You will see everything live 

and uncut and we are ALWAYS available on our cell phones. Now that’s service. 

We look forward to Serving You!