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 Top Producer in Greenwich over the last 12 months. A "new school" broker with the tech savvy ability to market  listings globally and with the in-depth knowledge of where the "deals" are for buyers who want it all but at a great price. Experienced with "short sales" foreclosures, and "quiet" sales where confidentiality and discretion is critical. Greenwich is a unique location with market conditions buffered to some degree by the demand, but not immune to distress sales at $400K or $4-6M. Life happens to everyone. If you need, or want a guide who can pull the maximum value out of your home and put it on display, or who can guide you through the smoke and mirrors of finding the best deal...make the call. Greenwich is a beautiful town with beaches, parks, museums,a multicultural community, estates, cottages, and more. Come see for yourself!

There are many seasoned Realtors, but few who understand that to succeed in today's market a Realtor MUST be highly skilled in computers, global Internet marketing and have the business acumen to uncover hidden values quickly, and make it a priority that their clients get the professional service, the best price, the least inconvenience in the shortest amount of time that all clients deserve. Time IS money; the world IS flat and Real Estate is a serious business. Selling a home today requires knowledge of global marketing, a tightly orchestrated presentation and the ability to price and negotiate the purchase or sale of a home that optimizes its true value. It is essential to prepare, organize and streamline the presentation of a home today to make its value-add points clear and capture the widest audience. The pricing, marketing and presentation must be cafefully timed to capture the best results. Your home is a commodity like your car, buyers MUST be able to see the value per dollar or they will not buy.

On the buying side, today's agent also needs to have the Internet skills to mine Real Estate data and uncover unseen opportunities as well as knowing the inventory and keeping up on changes daily. Clients deserve up to the minute communication about properties that match their needs with pictures via email, value profiles and value comparisons. As a buyer's agent, my job is to give my clients my professional assessment of a property, and know the answers to their questions, or find out quickly.

Why me? because I the agent who has these skills. I am a full time, "full-service" Real Estate resource in the Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside, Stamford and Byram areas. Having a Wall St background and managed my own retail business, I know the value of service.  I am not an agent who disappears the moment the contracts are signed. My goal is to build Real Estate relationships. With a financial and marketing background, and a proven record running a successful business, I have the experience needed to compete, negotiate and win in a tough market. In the early 90's, as SVP of Internet Solutions my hurdle was to market the new technology of Interent delivery as a critical new component to enhance traditional business models. Not an easy sale back in 1994, but today no business is untouched by technology. I believe the business of buying and selling Real Estate has finally begun to creak and groan from the seismatic shift that is grwoing from within it. The pressures of a global economy, demographic changes, environmental hazards, "green" awareness and the world getting smaller have all put an enormous demand on the real estate maket's ability to handle and respond to individuals' needs quickly. Leveraging the speed of the Interent as a communication tool is the only way to harness that energy and manage a sustainable market flow.  

AS for the knowledge: I have lived in Greenwich for over 25 years, and know almost every home inside and out. I have raised my 5 children here, so I am keenly aware of what Greenwich has to offer. I am committed to finding you the best solution to meet your needs, your budget and your dreams. Real Estate is a people business;what goes around, comes around and my reputation is my greatest asset. To me, referrals matter, doing your best, and going the extra mile. I enjoy the chance to meet new people, listen to their goals, show them Greenwich and become their trusted source for honest answers, educated opinions and dependable service in their endeavor to buy or sell a home. This is my full-time career, not my part-time hobby; I want long term relationships, not quick commissions. Please give me a call with any and all of your questions about Real Estate and Greenwich. It would be my privledge to provide you with my service.


My experience spans a wide range of areas. As Head of Protocol for a Wall St. bank, I became an expert in handling the unique needs of VIP and high net worth individuals. I also learned crisis management, negotiation and how to be prepared for anything. Those skills came in handly raising 5 kids while running a wholesale/retail business of my own. All along it has been dealing with all kinds of people and their personalities that I have enjoyed the most.

Beyond business, I have a graduate degree in Photography and Journalism which spread over into cyberspace when I became SVP of Marketing for an Internet startup. As a numbers crunching artist, the Internet's extra dimensions for my creative expression is an exciting and satisfying pursuit daily. Since I have lived in Greenwich for over 25 years, I know it insdie and out. I make it my business to see every house on the market, and off. I love old homes and new homes so I am a vast resource for how to fix, build, restore, redo, design and, being of Scot descent, how to save money making homes more efficient and beautiful. My latest studies are focused on how best to "green" existing and new real estate.

I love to find the home, or sell the home that no one can, so I handle waterfront property, 1st homes, new construction, land, fixer-uppers, condos, co-ops and rentals. I also work with banks and estates handling foreclosures, estate sales and private client work. Every level of Real Estate sales or purchase gives me pleasure. Coldwell Banker was my choice over all the firms in town because they understand the business of Real Estate and spend the money necessary to succeed. The results are clear: Coldwell Banker is Number #1 in total number of transactions and in dollar volume. Of course they are! If you spend $50 million advertising your clients properties around the globe, you sell them quickly and so clients bring their properties to us first to get the job done. Therefore, the newest properties are coming to us first. That brings the buyers, etc.; it creates the perfect business model: a circle of wealth circulating, demand chasing supply.

Finally, to provide FULL SERVICE work to all my clients, I am always studying new ways to expand my services. To that end, I have read, mastered and/or become accredited in Feng Shui, Home Staging, "Greening with Oxygen", Antique Homes Sales-(Ct Trust endorsed agent), and I'm presently learning about pre-fab, modular and panel building techniques that can be used to redo, replace or become an alternative means to optimize real estate.

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Our #1 position for sales and transactions in Greenwich is a direct result of our knowledge of 21 Century marketing and the ability to find you the best price, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience. Experience and integrity are the foundation of my dependable service.


Is Real Estate is an important part of your portfolio, protect your $, call me to work as your personal asset manager Realtor. Hire the best; get the best results.