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Suzanne Otto
Your Montgomery County PA home stager
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Get to Know Suzanne Otto

I'm a graduate of the Staging Diva Training Program. I've always had a gift and passion for staging. Growing up and working in retail, visual design was my passion.  Reworking the floor layouts and doing window displays allowed me to utilize my natural talents. After I bought my first home, I took those talents and applied them to my once outdated, visually busy house and turned it into a modern retreat.

With all of the other home stagers out there, why choose Six Twenty Designs? I've had first hand experience redesiging and renovating on a budget. I'll work with what's already there to transform the house into a home that potential buyers will want see.



Buyers will make a decision on whether or not they like a home within the first 10 seconds of entering the front door. The average home buyer can't see past clutter, oddly placed furniture and even an eclectic wall color. They end up focusing on the miniature owl collection on the mantel rather than the homes features.  That's why home staging is an essential part of the selling process.  You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that space. It's Six Twenty Designs' goal to get potential buyers to notice and remember the house in a good way so that it stands out against the competition.

Before putting any home on the market, consider home staging.  Buyers are going to check out their options online first so you don't want a listing with bad pictures. You want buyers to say "I have to see this place!" and not just "I'm considering it..."

If you already have a listing that hasn't been getting as much activity as you'd hope, consider home staging. Refresh the listing with a new look and brand new pictures, giving potential buyers the chance to fall in love with the property. Home staging costs will most likely be less than an initial price reduction.

During a consultation, we'll:

-Discuss the timeline

-Walk through the entire property with you

-Recommend minor changes as well as bigger issues that should be addressed

-Show you how little changes can make a big difference in the appearance of a room

-Leave you with a full list for each room of the areas that need to be addressed

If you have a listing in Pennsylvania in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester or Philadelphia County, contact Suzanne Otto.



Bonnie H. Pappas-Platinum First Realty
It is with the greatest pleasure and sincerity that I give Suzanne Otto a very heartfelt recommendation. I was faced with listing and trying to sell a home recently that had a lot of potential but unfortunately, buyers could not look past the bold colors, clutter, and lack of “flow.” I was getting plenty of showings, but no offers. I recommended Suzanne and my sellers invited her over for a full consultation. She helped them choose paint colors that complimented their hardwood floors and then helped them rearrange furniture so that the house looked completely updated with very little expense to the homeowners. I originally held a broker’s open (pre-Suzanne) and then held a second one after Suzanne had performed her magic. The average estimate from the Realtors who attended both opens gave me rose approximately $30,000 (approximately 10% of the value of the home!) I just can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough. She was incredibly helpful and professional – and really went out of her way to make sure that my clients’ home was fresh and marketable – and I even received a full-price offer! THANK YOU SUZANNE!

I'm Montgomery County PA's home stager with the DIY knowledge and design sense to get your house sold quicker.