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Growing up in the fine state of Missouri, marrying, raising our family and suddenly finding ourselves facing a job change, my husband and I moved to the Panama City Beach, FL area in 2011. The expectation was that it would be great living near the Gulf of Mexico because who couldn't love that, right?

However, I never expected what blue and emerald green waters, song of the surf, wildlife watching, and countless beautiful sunsets would do for the SOUL.  For me it was simply magic and found myself transformed.  If you agree it could happen for you too, then it CAN and probably WILL, if you make it happen. Take the initiative to reach out to me and let me help you find your ...Perfect Place; Your Realty Match.

Before our move I fell in love with online surfing looking for a home, and once we found our home I realized I was hooked on the search!  For me collecting homes isn't practical, but I figured I could LOVE HELPING YOU find YOUR REALTY MATCH and God-willing, could make a living doing it, which drew me to the world of real estate.  :)

I invite you to search my site for free, with no stop-you-in-your-tracks forced sign up. The only reason you would be asked to sign up is if you decide to SAVE a SEARCH, and the reason is obvious: we need to know who you are to recall your search. We feel this is a show of respect in our ability to do business together, without slight of hand. A Win-Win!

Also, I invite you to call or email me and ask me about the area, tell me what you are looking for and how much you wish to spend and I will get you on the right course, help you find the perfect home, and let you see how fantastic the panhandle of Florida is. We are beach-blessed for sure!

Thank you in advance for you reaching out to me. LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU. :)

~~Shelly 314-604-0317




At you will find Free Searches without forced sign up. We only ask you to sign up in order to save a search... obviously this is a must! Otherwise, free to browse. Win-Win!