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  Grow and expand! Be part of something so overwhelming, so incredibly powerful it takes your breath away. Learn the secret that Donald Trump, Oprah, Tiger Woods and other celebrities use to succeed.   Join my facebook group, You can also follow me on Twitter @mastershay "Healing Homes and Transforming Lives Through The Power Of Feng Shui."   "The theory behind Feng Shui is that a life force flows through all things...buildings, hills, rivers, power lines and (even) people; and the manipulation of the force through the proper orientation of physical structures (and placement of objects) can enhance a person's wealth and good fortune. The 1st rule in real estate may one day read: Location...Location...Feng Shui."-New York Times      

Shaydie Cammann has a gift for taking her clients to a place of peace, joy and harmony by presenting principles of Feng Shui in a clear and simple way…    -Dee Keegan Hudson NY 

Shaydie has shown me a new way of looking at my home. I look forward to coming home. It's as if each room welcomes me with open arms as soon as I arrive ...   -Lora Lee Beacon NY

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“To me Shaydie is one of the city’s top certified Feng Shui consultants and the Queen of Chi.” – Facebook, Queens NY

 “Shaydie’s unique approach to home selling and home decorating thru energy remedies will change the way you think about your home and in essence your life.” –Facebook .Orlando FL  

When Master Cammann makes a Feng Shui suggestion- I can see it and I can feel it, Her style is very intuitive and nurturing. –Facebook. Danbury Conn

I would absolutely recommend Shaydie‘s Feng Shui consultations. You’ll be glad you did! –Facebook, Chicago Ill

Working with Shaydie was a joy. She is enthusiastic, and positive. I love her energy. Her joy is infectious! –Facebook, Carmel NY

I needed a real life coach to help me understand the full essence of Feng Shui. I got phenomenal results from Shaydie’s consultation! –Facebook, Cold Springs NY

Shaydie is serious about helping people use Feng Shui to bring about positive changes in their lives. She’s filled with positive energy, caring, and love. Her consultations are for the good of everyone involved. Her phone consultations are quite effective; it is as if she is sitting right there next to you – Facebook, Patterson NY!


Our firm is like no other firm out there. What we do here at the Cammann Family Realty is help agents all around the country increase their business exponentially by using the principles of Feng Shui.