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Hello. MY name is Shakti Rodriguez and I am a proud resident of the state of North Carolina and of beautiful Wilkes County. Although I relocated to the area, I feel as if this is where I belong... this is what I was searching for, without even looking for it.

A native of South Florida, more specifically Miami, I grew up in the hustle and bustle; in essence BIG CITY life. I made my life there: professionally working for big companies such as Barnett Bank and the Miami Herald, a Knight Ridder Company. I attanded college and university there. I met my husband there and our daughter was born there... but the "there" I knew changed... as did I.

I/we were longing for a different quality of life without losing all the amenities we had been accustomed to. And guess what, we found it, here in Wilkes County.

No traffic, great schools, low real estate taxes and even lower property insurance, WONDERFUL people, gorgeous properties and so much more. Our "transition time" was 1 day. Our daughter is extremely happy. She has friends, gets to run around (SAFELY) in our (X-LARGE) backyard... We love the outdoors, hence, we love it here: camping, fishing, boating/jet skiing at the lake, hiking, state parks, riding out motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway, skiing (3 ski resorts less than 1 hour away!) and riding horses in our OWN backyard.

I love shopping (I'll admit it). And everything I had in Miami I have here just a SHORT and scenic drive away. I tell people: It's TWICE THE DISTNCE, BUT HALF THE TIME. If I want a big mall (compared to Dadeland or Dolphin or Aventura), I am there in 35 minutes with all the same shops and restaurants. If I want to go to Marshalls or Target, Bed, Bad and Beyond, TJ Maxx... it's all there. Restaurants, I have here in town, but if I want PF Changs or Bonefish Grille or Cheesecake Factory.. all a short drive away. And I would not to those restaurants that often.

We have a 130-bed hospital in town, Wilkes Regional. Pharmacies. Doctors. Specialists. Veterinarians. Spas. Salons. Golf Courses. Art Galleries. Parks. Playhouses/Theatre. Movie Theater. Coffee shops. A community college, Wilkes Community College. Beautiful subdivisions. History. Restaurants. Public and private schools. And much more.

There are still many rural areas in the county... I was not used to that coming from a big city. But it is all so peaceful. Things here (in many places), have been the same for hundreds of years, and I appreciate that so much. People know eachothers name, and their kids and parents... and ask about them and.... There are high morals, it's very special. I longed for that and I am grateful that I can experience this and share it with my family.

BTW... We came ONLY for a vist, and ended up moving within 5 weeks. It was not "planned". I knew I wanted to go somewhere else, but I did not know where. WILKES COUNTY was and is that place.

If you are actively searching to relocate, I can help you. If you are looking for future retirement, I can help you. If you are searching for the beautiful secong home, family retreat or vacation home, I can help you. And if you are looking for investments or to purchase vacant land for development... I can help you.

I am here, just let me know what you need. My mobile number is: (336) 262-4077.

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I have been a multi-million dollar producer every year since my inception as a North Carolina Real Estate Broker. And I can honestly say, it is because the love of the industry. My primary clientele is working with buyers: all types of buyers - seasoned, first-time, investors... You learn so much about people when helping them to find that perfect property. You can anticipate their reactions, you in essence become a part of them for the life of the transaction reloationship. But after the sale has completed, I like to be involved in a small part of my clients lives. Most all call me to tell me little intricacies of the home, or to tell me what a great investment the purchase was... to me, all-in-all the profession is very altruistic.

I am still a buyer myself, and I believe that is what sets me apart from amny other agents. I personally expect a level of knowledge from the person representing me, I want a sense of security, dependability and trust from my agent and most of all a sense of urgency. This is what I offer all my clients, both buyers and sellers alike. Aside from the code of ethics that we are abide to, there are personal touches each one brings to the table, I make sure I always put my best assets forward and to work for my clients.

My area of expertise is the arae know as the Foothills, or Where the Mountains Begin, a.k.a. Wilkes County. This is what I fell in love with and this is what I know. I have helped several other clients, at their request, in other part of the state... but please look no further when looking for real estate anywhere in Wilkes County. And please visit my website at : I keep it up-to-date, there is a free mls search and much area information, maps and photos.

Sincerely, Shakti. 


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