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Has this ever happened to you? You thought it would be nice to send that client a card, and put it on your 'to-do' list.

10 days later it's STILL on the 'to-do' list !!!   it's happened to me, too. Here's what I do NOW-- I use Send Out Cards!  the fast affordable on-line greeting card system. Your clients may not remember what you did for them- but they will remember how you made them feel. 

You create cards using your own handwriting, and upload your very own signature. Have fun uploading photos of homes.It's so easy 6 year olds can do this. Tired of getting handwriters cramp, and licking stamps??-- no more! Card Campaigns done in minutes.

Call me, Cathy, 1.866.703.0809   toll free. I coach your over the phone and set up a free Gift Account for you . Call today ! let's play cards.


Firstly, I am a professional, personal coach. Since 2000, I've worked with countless individuals in business. And in my own coaching business I loved to send clients cards of acknowledgement. But that got time consuming. Then I learned about Send Out Cards. Best thing out there to keep in touch with your clients by far!  I coach  real estate agents, stagers and re-designers. They have seen the benefit of sending real greeting cards in the mail, with before & after photos of the homes . You can even upload your own signature for a very personal touch. It's all done on-line, and takes only a minute to do one card- or a campaign! Amazing low pricing per card as well.

Call me , I coach you over the phone to create cards in your own Gift Account. Love to talk with you if you're a Realtor, mortgage broker, stager, any and all capacities in the world of real estate ! toll free:  1.866.703.0809


Retain more clients, and turn prospects into clients- How? By utalizing Send Out Cards. Call me- I'll set up a Gift Account for you today. Everyone loves to get real cards in the mail !