Richard Burke Jr. (La Pine Realty)

Friendship and Community, are the basis for "GOOD BUSINESS". We are in the business of making friends, finding real estate for our friends that will establishe them in the Central Oregon community.

Get to know Richard Burke Jr.

 We have been taught since comprehension, the importance of portfolios and education identifiers ie. Phd, E-Pro etc.  It represents the time one spent to become professionally proficient.  We all use these sources of information to aid us in making decisions.   My wife and I have been teamed in life since 1969 and now we share the real estate profession.  We are "FRIENDS".  It takes time to make friends and time is what we have to spend on you, our clients and associates.  You will find our portfolio proclaims us as friends and our professional identifiers also read ,"Realtor, Friend".  It would be a benefit to you to make a real estate broker your friend.  Everyone can use a, "FRIEND IN THE BUSINESS".              Here are a few pieces of personal information about Cheryl and myself.  We have seven children and seventeen grands with number eighteen due 10-18-07.  Boating, fishing, conservative hiking, hwy biking, are most of our current freetime activities.  The past pleasures, which still hold lots of interest, are horseback riding, hunting and diaper!!!   Back in the day ,we raised an assortment of farm animals and we still enjoy strolling through the stalls at near by fairs.  We started cutting and using firewood  when it was free and all you could haul.  Cheryl took a fancy for antique cook stoves.  We made a good deal on one that Cheryl used for ten years.  If  you haven't seen Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings on one stove hot and ready ...well I wish you could have.  Born and raised in the Portland area then transplanted (a True Blessing) here in Central Oregon in2003. 


Cheryl and I have been through closings over a hundred times with a mix of bare land, mfg, sitebuilt and commercial real estate, here in Central Oregon since 2004.    We have fixed, cured and negociated both simple and complex issues, with Buyers and Sellers, even an attorney or two during our time in La Pine.   We have friends and associates in all phases of our industry.   I have worked in the building trades most of my working career, which has provided me with a "foundation to roofing "knowledge of the homes we helps!

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