Sandy Dumont (THE Image Architect)

Sandy is a pioneer in the field of image psychology and impression management, and she is the leader in color and color psychology. She has consulted for TV, Fortune 500 companies, and politicians.

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Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect®, is more than an Image Consultant

Exclusive techniques in the advanced fields of impression strategies go beyond what other image consultants can offer. Under Sandy's guidance, you will unearth the person you were born to be. Your image and your attitude will undergo a dramatic change. Her ground- breaking image and Color AnalyticsTM System shows you how to discover the True You (testimonials). It makes all other color systems and image consultant books & courses obsolete. Never Fail Image SystemTMinfo here.Sandy changes lives with her "Total Image Makeover" workshops, diplomas and certification courses for Image Consultants; she appears regularly on TV and radio as an expert; featured in NY Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Maxim, Baltimore Sun, In Touch Magazine, US Weekly, L.A. Times, Washingtonian Magazine, Life & Style Weekly, Fox News, ABC News, NBC News, Newsday, US News & World Report, Forbes, Financial Times (UK),... see Press Room

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