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Richard M. Sander
Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Expert
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Get to Know Richard M. Sander

Price & Company Realty looks after your best interests all the time, every time. (As the Sales Manager, it's my job to make sure that you get exactly that.) 

We’re not a franchise, so we don’t have to follow corporate policy written by some pinhead who doesn't understand our market. The result? Completely satisfied clients that keep coming back to us year after year.

Everybody wants to know if it's too late to buy (or sell) in 2022 due to rising prices and interest rates.

My response? If interest rates jump to 18% like they did in the 1980's, maybe rethink your timing. But right now, with interest rates below 5%, now is still a great time!

And, if Warren Buffett says he can’t time the market, we probably can’t either.

A year from now, there might be less inventory, higher interest rates, and higher prices. Sounds like sooner is better than later!


I continue a strong family history of real estate success stories: my grandfather was instrumental in developing California's infamous San Fernando Valley; my father was on the forefront of commercial/retail redevelopment in the Midwest, and was on the board of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

My real estate career has grown from the ground up. Literally.  I started as a sales assistant with a frenetic  land developer, became an on-site sales agent, transitioned into full-service real estate and now we are developing our niche working with investors.

After visiting almost every beach town from Virginia Beach to Savannah, Georgia, looking for the "perfect" place, my wife and I moved from Atlanta to North Myrtle Beach during the summer of 1999. I'm still here. So are my boys Simon (23) and Greg (21) (Go Gamecocks!) 

And, if you're looking for the consummate professional in real estate, consider this: only the best of the best earn a Real Estate Educator's license. So not only do I practice real estate, but I also teach it. 


We are not all things to all people - but we want to be your Myrtle Beach Realtors of choice.