Scott  Nagel (Coldwell Banker Burnet)

Scott & Katie are a husband and wife team selling residential, investment, and commercial real estate in the Minneapolis metro area.

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In 2003 I resigned from Cargill to live out my own destiny.  Over a roasted chicken and a bottle of wine I told my wife and two young children, Isaac (age 5) and Anna (age 4) that I was going to model living out ones dreams.  With a fresh MBA in hand from the University of St. Thomas, I turned in my resignation.  Leaving the stable confines of corporate, I leapt full-time into real estate.  Four years later I have not looked back and this year we anticipate selling roughly $8,000,000 worth of residential and commercial real estate. 

Katie has now joined me and we are working at creating a realty business unlike any other in the Twin Cities.  Once someone has been involved in a transaction with us, they qualify to use our Stewardship Program.  Every client and customer receives access to a personal Steward who is charged with meeting the home owners every need, from grocery shopping, to landscaping, to remodeling.  No matter the activity, if someone has a need we will help them to overcome the barriers to completing it. 

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My wife and my socio-economic background are very different.  Katie's father played professional basketball for the Boston Celtics during the 60s dynasty era and continues to coach in the NBA.  Her father taught her that brains and hardwork can carry people to great heights.  I grew-up in a working class family.  My father, an engineer worked hard to teach us by example the importance of saving money to support ones family.  We lived in a comfortable, yet modest home where the three of us boys shared a bedroom and my only sister had the benefit of solitude in her own room. 

We work hard to represent our clients' needs whether they are buying a lake home on Minnetonka, or a moving into their first home in Richfield.  We have developed tools that allow our clients to evaluate the properties they see quantitatively assess how the homes meet their individual needs. 

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