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Get to Know Sally K. & David L. Hanson

Your Realtors in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Walworth, Ozaukee , Washington, Racine and Kenosha Counties

What does it really mean to be "all things real estate" ? Read the Hansons Profile and you will know the mark of truly successful professionals you will want to call "your own realtors."

 The Hansons have an experienced and successful niche in divorce and estate transactions with hundreds of them closed successfully. They have been appointed by Judges and recommended by lawyers in the southeastern Wisconsin counties that they are honored to serve.

Selected as a distinguished member of America's Best Agents serving Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington and Ozaukee Counties.

Sally and David Hanson are both nationally Certified Buyers' Agents, Certified Relocation,Senior  and Divorce Specialists. Working on the listing side, their sales mantra is "We Put our Money Where Your House Is". With special expertise in marketing, advertising and public relations, you can expect a custom marketing plan unlike any other to market your home more effectively than other agents' listings. With Buyers, whether it is a first house or the castle on the hill, the Hansons comb not only the MLS  but all other available resources to bring you the homes most suited to your taste and budget in record time. People new to the area can expect a custom binder that acquaints them with the whole area. Not just homes, but also local resources, schools, pizza delivery, veterinarians, carpet cleaners.....whatever you need to make you feel part of your new community! 

Custom Marketing Plans Produce the Highest & Best Offers for Sellers

Decades of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations are applied to each listing. A multi-media approach with defined target markets is designed, executed and reviewed during the course of a listing. As the market may indicate a change, changes are made with a schooled eye on monitoring the results and making any necessary adjustments to insure that every possible audience...agents and potential buyers have "top of mind awareness" of each listing. The Hansons are not the realtors who put a sign in the ground and a listing on MLS and hope that someone buys their listing..Pro-Active would be the best description...and outside the box execution of plans that have proven successful for each seller.

  The Hansons have an original inside/out marketing plan that is custom crafted for each listing. Attention to detail and the considerations of multiple audiences brings a powerful presence to the listings they have and sell more quickly than most realtors. The more quickly a listing sells, the more it will sell for...the greater return on the investment a seller has made in real estate. They know and appreciate that real estate is not just selling a house...it is the end of one life chapter and the beginning of another. There are memories to savor and enjoyand new ones to be made for another time in another place. Lifestyles change...from condo to a home and marriage...from the starter home to the additional bedrooms needed for a growing family.  From the home that was family friendly to the entertainment friendly condo. The upstairs bedrooms traded for the now more suitable and comfortable ranch. The "always wanted wish list" that wasn't affordable with the first house purchase that be part of an enjoyable lifestyle now. An indepth interview with the Hansons will help you determine your next move and the best way to make it easier...the best way to make it as profitable as possible.

Are you in charge of an estate that needs a little freshening/updating/eye candy to make it more attractive to buyers ?  Let the Hansons make suggestions, provide staging ....FREE of charge and let the sales begin ! Well researched pricing and having your "best house forward" is the best way to bring out the buyers...and the best return on your real estate investment.The paint and decor may have worked well for Grandma, Aunt Sophie or Cousin Gertrude...but that was then and this is now...when you need to sell it now, you need to call the Hansons.


As EXP Realty agents, the Hansons are able to offer market visibility that is unrivaled by any other brokerage in the area.  Today, high visibility on the internet is key to attracting buyers. The more buyers, the more quickly a listing will sell and the higher the profit from the sale. Maximizing your real estate investment is an important goal...not just for seller but for the Hansons and they work to achieve maximum visibility and impact the market positively in showcasing their listings throughout many websites to produce the greatest amount of traffic and the highest and best offers for your property

This is a Sales Record  You Will Want to Hear !!

Their buyers are invited to quarterly Home Seminars...where they can learn about preventative maintenance, care, cleaning, updating, do-it-yourself and "best not to touch if you are not a professional" kinds of projects.  Buyers know they can rely on the Hansons for referrals to reliable contractors with good quality products and service. Their 24/7 service is well known to buyers for a lifetime of referrals to dependable people when they are needed.

Closings are just the BEGINNNG of the relationship with buyers.The Hansons have had the honor to  serve generations of families from retiring grandparents who are downsizing or becoming Snowbirds with homes in Wisconsin and winter homes in a warmer climate...to their granchildren who are purchasing their very first homes.  Their additional education in working with seniors and staying in touch with lenders to help first time buyers know their options, bring valuable assets to the real estate experience of young and old...first timers and retirees.

Year after year, over 97% of their sales come from referrals...from past buyers and sellers as well as other professionals with whom the Hansons actively network. Referrals with confidence have propelled the Hansons' sales figures to greater heights every year. Whether the need is residential, commercial...traditional or short sale..people know that the buyers and sellers they refer will be taken care of throughout the listing or the purchasing process...and for years to come as the Hansons say, they are your Realtors for a Lifetime.


The Hansons know they can be a valuable asset to past customers and clients...and to the communities they serve. Knowing  how to maintain your home with reliable contractors, the kinds of improvements that can be done economically to add the most value...Preventative measures that protect a home from damage due to weather, aging, etc. are all part of the things that the Hansons provide to their ever increasing sphere of influence with clients and customers.  Real estate to the Hansons has never been about just putting a sign in the yard and a listing on MLS...or showing a house or two and scribbling a contract. It is creating relationships that are meaningful to both parties and in many cases, friendships that have spanned generations and relationships that are sure to last a lifetime.




 e-Pro - Internet Marketing Specialist

CDPE - Distressed Property Expert

CLHMS - Institute of Luxuury Home Marketing Member

REDS - Real Estate Divorce Expert




Education and experience are key to the Hansons' success in real estate. They have built and designed their own home, done remodeling, been landlords and are are also trained in commercial real estate. Their custom marketing expertise adapts from first timers to high end homes and empty nesters. Creative approaches to both consumer and agent target audiences draw attention to listings that sell faster and often at prices above the asking price.

Realtors who choose to earn "designations" or the letters you see after their names, have taken the time and made the investment...monetarily and in effort and discipline to learn specific skills that will help them to assist buyers and sellers with the support of more knowledge in that area.  Here are the explanations for the designations that the Hansons have earned.

      ABR - This is an abbreviation for the Accredited Buyers Representative  designation. This means the agent has learned the skills necessary to represent a buyer as a buyer(s)' agent. In Wisconsin, every real estate agent is licenced as "an agent of the seller." To act in the buyers' behalf, advising and negotiating the transaction on that side of the desk, it is best for the agent to have completed this training. The course demands that you not only have the education,but also have documented transactions that prove that an agent has served in this capacity. Most buyers that work with the Hansn prefer to have a Buyer Agency Contract. (The document that entitles the buyer to this representation.) Their knowledge and skills have earned the buyers the best possible values in the market for real estate purchases.

CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert  As described below, this education is an intense and continuing course in helping homeowners who care experiencing a financial hardship, determine the best possible method to avoid foreclosure.  This can take the form of counseling for a loan modification or listing the property as a short sale. 

e-Pro designation is an intensive course  for cutting edge real estate professionals. Endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®, the e-PRO course teaches professionals the methods and procedures of working with real estate on-line: Web sites, e-mail, on-line tools, and most of all, what today's consumer really wants.The numbers keep increasing as to the percentage of buyers who begin their search for a home on line...it is now approaching 90% and growing. To effectively market their listings as well as be able to successfully locate properties for buyers and communicate well using the internet, the Hansons have added the e-pro designation to their educational background to better serve both buyers and sellers .


  CSS, Certified Senior Specialist 

This is a course that has assisted the Hansons in better helping senior citizens with buying and selling decisions. Whether it is to a condo in Wisconsin and one in a warmer climate for the winter to be a "Snowbird", a ranch to avoid stiars, a condo to minimize maintenance or a senior living home, this course prepared the Hansons to help prepare the Senior to make good decisions and have an easier transition to a different kind of lifestyle.  Downsizing does not mean the end of memories,...it means making new ones. The Hansons offer everything to helpseniors to make informed choices for their new housing. This includes floor plans for smaller living quarters or different room sizes and furniture placement. This makes the choices for what to keep, sell, donate or purchase a much easier task. If items need to disposed of, donated or sold the Hansons have resources for assisting seniors in what can seem like an overwhelming task. Sally and David know that this is a different chapter for seniors...one that they may have dreaded and they do their best to make it a celebration of a new lifestyle and a new beginning in a new place.  In addition, they offer a service that will help the senior to get the best possible return on their real estate investment. Whether this means removing the wallpaper or updating the electrical service, the Hansons have a battery of vendors to make these kinds of tasks effortless.


  Certified  Luxury Home Marketing Specialists (CLHMS)

          As members of the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing,the Hansons have had advanced training in working with both Buyers and Sellers who purchase and sell homes over $500,000.  It would be their pleasure to be of service for your Castle on the Hill or Mansion on the lake...professional service and advanced marketing education that will speed your purchase or sale in this market.


REDS - The only realtors in Wisconsin that are nationally certified as Real Estate Divorce Specialists with additional training in this sensitive area of communication, the Hansons work with the couple as they prefer and are comfortable working to maximize the return on their real estate investment.  The take continual training in this area to sharpen communication skills and be aware of changes in laws affecting this segment of their real estate practice. The Hansons often work as part of a team with lawyers, psychologists and financial planners to help each spouse take their best step forward in a new life as a single person. Working as a couple with a couple is a unique position for divorcing home owners, each spouse feeling as though they have "their own" realtor...and their own voice in determining the course of the real estate transaction.

Relocation Specialists  The Hansons believe that there is not much point to having a website that attracts buyers from all over the country if you have not taken the training to learn how best to work with transferred or relocated buyers. Their needs are unique...they need to know the differences in communities, the ones that will offer them what they truly need to feel "at home". They want to be familiar not just with a map...but know the grocery store, veterinarian, nail salon, spa, golf course, school system, day care, sports venues, parks and recreation opportunities...all the things that play a part in making newcomers feel comfortable..to be able to jump right in and enjoy all the things that make living in Wisconsin a wonderful thing. They know through the interviews they have, the e-mails they exchange and the information they give, all the things that go into making a move less challenging and more enjoyable. From suggesting a mover and booklets on helpful hints for moving the family including pets, to the maps and special tourist attractions, school evaluations, whatever it takes...whatever a buyer needs and wants...the Hansons supply it with a welcome smile to the Badger State they have called home for a lifetime.


      Be assured than when you refer friends or family to Sally and David as buyers or sellers...You get Sally and David and their years of qualified experience.  Your business will not be passed on to a team member of someone with whom you do not have a relationship. Your referral is business treated with the respect and attention it so richly deserves. 

Every realtor is required to take some education every two years. The Hansons go above and beyond what is required and sharpen their skills in specific areas including internet marketing and communications, short sales and foreclosures, relocation and commercial real estate.

Pricing real estate to sell...not to sit is key to "getting it right the first time."  Pricing a property too high means no one will be able to get financing...a property must meet strict appraisal guidelines ot be worthy of a mortgage in today's market.  The Hansons will tell you the price that the property needs to be at to sell...not to sit.  In addition, during the term of the listing, they keep an ever watchful eye on the market to insure that the pricing for your property remains competitive in the marketplace.

When working with buyers, the Hansons understand the value of having a buyer well prepared to write an offer when they see the perfect house. They work with buyers to get them pre-qualified with lenders who are experienced and can close a loan...not those with little experience.  If buyers are credit challenged, the Hansons have referrals to credit counselors who can work with buyers to get their scores in line with the standards set by lenders...teach them money management techniques and prepare them to be responsible home owners.




             Both Sally & David have earned the CDPE designation helping home owners who are upside down to avoid foreclosure, preserve their credit and do successful Short Sales or explore other non-foreclosure alternatives. In addition to the days of courses taken to earn this designation, the Hansons participate regularly in webinars and also are part of a network of CDPE designees nationally that exchange information thru an Intranet site.  If you have a friend of relative anywhere in the country who for reasons of hardship, cannot pay their mortgage or has gotten behind on payments, the Hansons can assist by finding the agent most qualified from an experience and education standpoint, to assist anyone anywhere in the country with a loan modification or short sale of their home or whatever remedy is available and will work best in that homeowner's unique situation. Real estate...especially short sales, is not a "one choice fits all" sort of business and they will work to resolve any problem in the best interest of the homeowner.


 Are you Upside Down on Your Mortgage or Know  Someone Who Is ?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Job loss, medical bills, a mortgage adjusted before you could sell and now bills have become overwhelming. Before you allow one more payment to be missed, visit:  www.WeSellUpsideDownHomes.com. The  more quickly you act, the more options you have to remedy the situation. You may be entitled to a loan modification or perhaps a short sale. The choice is dependent upon careful examination of each individual situation. The Hansons have a passion for real estate....and for people who through no fault of their own, may have fallen on difficult times.

If you find yourself or a friend unable to pay the mortgage...do not call a realtor that does not have specific short sale expertise and success. Consultation is free...the service is free. Do not pay a company up front to "try": and modify your mortgage loan and make it affordable...that isn't legal in Wisconsin...Call the Hansons, learn your options...sometimes the best things in life really ARE free !The  Hansons are above all else, realtors with hearts...and care deeply about the sellers who through no fault of their own, have become distressed. Anything and everything that can be done to ease the hardship of their current situation, is everything the Hansons do to make the best of the current circumstances. In addition, the Hansons will assist with credit repair and counseling to help the next chapter in their lives be a better one, not a bitter one.

Before you hire an agent to do a short sale..here are 8 important questions you should have answered:


1) What formal training has the agent had ?  CDPE or other…Ask to see the certificate. If the agent has received the training, they won’t be offended and you will be assured that they  formal instruction by a recognized authority in the industry.

2) How many short sales has the agent done ?  Find out not only how many but when…recently…5 years ago.

3) What is the success rate for closing short sales ?  It isn’t just the quantity…it has to be the quality to avoid foreclosure.

4) Ask for references from recent closings. If the agent is successful, providing a handful of references should not be an issue.

5) Has the agent explained the process to you…discussed what options are available and what the long term effects can be for each option.

6) Has the agent given you references for a real estate attorney, accountant and credit repair expert ?

7)  Ask the agent to show you closed sales figures from MLS for the past 24 months.  Short sales take longer, require more effort and as a result more financial stability by the agent. You don’t want to sign a listing contract with someone who may not be able to sustain their earnings in the business.

8)  How does the agent take your very valuable home from listing to closing ?  Ask for a written marketing plan, find out who does the follow up with the lender after an offer is received.  What is the agent’s philosophy on submitting an offer or many offers and why  ? And the all important question…WHO does the negotiation of the short sale with the lender ?   Does the agent you hired do it…do they have a VA..Virtual Assistant do it for them ?  Do they have a 3rd party company do the negotiation ?  The answer to this question with the success rate may be key to difference between an agent listing a short sale and closing one…

   Don't Be A Real Estate Experiment.....

   Be A Successful Short Sale Seller...the Credit/Future You Save IS your own !

Contact us E-Mail or Phone:


Experts@WeSellUpSideDownHomes.Com or call the Hansons at: 414-525-0563. If you are not in the area and need a referral to someone who can help you, use our toll free number: 877-525-0563 and we will be happy to help you with suggestions for someone to help you in your area.  The worst thing you can do is have your home go into foreclosure! There may be lots of other options....options that will be far less damaging to your credit rating or the credit rating of someone you know....call now, every minute counts !



Commercial Short Sales...WE ARE HERE TO HELP ! ! !

There are lots of reasons that a business can have problems...and if you're behind on payments for a commercial building....office, gas station, mall, retail store, combined use...whatever the nature of the building...we have the knowledge and resources to help you!

It's sooo much better to let us do a short sale rather than let the building go into foreclosure.Call us now! We are here to answer your questions 7 days a week...whenever you need us most.


Putting your Best House Forward !

 It is more critical than ever before when you list your home...that it looks as good as it possibly can. That's why we'll help you stage it (window treatments, suggest paint colors, recommend floor coverings, reduce clutter, etc.) Let us help you "get it all together." Even if the house is vacant....lots can be done to create more eye appeal and generate offers more quickly. Let us help you get the greatest possible return for your real estate investment.

We have a team of reliable and reasonable contractors should you need them for repairs and "refreshing"...being the best house on the bloc, your neighborhood, your zip code...at the best price is a winning combination to sales success !

Sellers and potential sellers sometimes assume that staging is an expensive and frivilous thing to add to the cost of selling a home.  Think about it...you are more attracted to a home that is neat and clean and uncluttered.  The Hansons have a whole room of their office allocated to staging supplies and can supplement or replace items in your home, estate, condo with some of the things they have...from flowers to towels, candles and window treatments...the collection compliments the decor and produces the kind of eye candy that buyers love and yields offers more quickly than homes that are not "all dressed up and ready to sell."


The Hansons often work with people who are settling estates. The decorating and other features of the house can sometimes be very dated. In these cases, the Hansons have several different remedies to procure the Highest and Best price for the property. Some staging work and accessories are offered at no charge. If there is some remodeling that can be done cost effectively and enhance the home so that the profit will be greater, the Hansons will procure quotes and act as the general contractor at no additional charge to insure that there is timely and quality workmanship done to add value.  The choice of how much to do and what expense is compared to the net profit and discussed with the people responsible to determine the best possible course of action. Often, two prices are given to the homeowner or person in charge of the estate...one with staging/updating and one without so that cost effective decisions can be made easily and smoothly.

Investors? You are most welcome! The Hansons have taken and continue to take commercial real estate classes. If you think that ROI and NOI are Chinese appetizers...then refer your commercial clients to the Hansons. They know and understand this part of real estate as well as residential. They know the importance of a bottom line and work to help buyers purchase profitable properties and have sellers get the best possible return for their real estate investment.

Times have changed for investors...lending requirements are different than they were a few years ago and they are constantly changing in today's market. The Hansons can show you the formulas that make sense if you are an investor. Conversely, the sellers for investment properties need to understand what kind of prices will be attractive to a buyer...and that a buyer must be able to show a profit for the purchase to make sense to him AND to the lender for the property.


The Hansons have a home office with state-of-the-art computers, designated fax line and high speed internet which enables them to be available and knowledgable with up-to-the-minute resources 24/7 regardless of time zone or day of the week. They understand the importance of the investment in your home...monetarily and emotionally and are always ready to be of service.

The Hansons have a passion for real estate. They designed their own home with built-in home office and are frequently joined at work by their two cats...Cosmo....a long haired golden wonder...and Magic...a sleek black one-person, "only likes David" cat.

Relocations - Specially trained and very experienced, the Hansons, as Wisconsin lifelong residents welcome newcomers to the Badger State...binders, tours, maps, relocation kits, e-mail listings, school information....whatever you need, the Hansons supply to make new residents feel at home.

The Hansons state of the art home office also includes a number of designated phone lines including one that is toll free: 877-525-0563. You are likely to reach either Sally or David 8 am to 9 pm 7 days a week. Their voice mail will give you their cell phone numbers if they are out of the office.


The Hansons will interview the soon-to-be Badger state resident. What things are important to someone  who relocates ? What do they need/want to know ? The greater Milwaukee/Waukesha area has a reputation for being a 20 minute drive to anywhere...work, school., sporting and cultural events, shopping, parks and other leisure time activity locations. Let the Hansons give you a tour of different communities...whether you are all about the city...like a little bit of country....or acres to roam, the area has it all and they can help you discover the kind of setting, community,home that will work best for  your budget and  your lifestyle.


CLICK HERE and complete the required information and indicate in the comment section that you would like a FREE RELOCATION KIT

CLICK HERE and see why AARP Magazine named Milwaukee one of the top five choices of places to live in the whole country !!!!

    Active In Active Rain ....Pouring Out Blogs of Information

     The Hansons actively write and maintain a blog on Active Rain called  Wisonsin Relocation.net and their regular contributions assist consumers and realtors alike with a broad spectrum of real estate information based upon the Hansons varied and in depth experience in their chosen career fied.  "Know what you don't know...." is what they tell people...and no matter what your question, know that they will find the answer and if necessary, direct you to a resource that will best serve your needs.  Knowing what you don't know is crucial to the success of your real estate investment.

     Whether you are looking to re-finance, re-carpet, ...or need legal advice, have title issues, tax questions...decorating dilemnas...the Hansons have a long list of qualified, experienced and reliable experts that can help you with whatever your neef happens to be...Call or e-mail anytime...test their mantra: "Prompt Service/Proven Results"...you'll be glad you did !

 The Hansons know school systems are a major concern  and that is why each family that has school age children and is moving to another area, is given information on the locations of each school - elementary through high school  and the course offerings and areas of specializations that each school offers their students.  Recently the Hansons had a request for a school that had an orchestra and a specific method of teaching music. The family was thrilled when a school was found with exactly what they wanted and a beautiful home to match !


Sales Achievement Award


Listing agents with a 97. 6 % List to Sale Average

Buyers Agents



Prompt Service\Proven Results Experienced team has designed, built, remodeled, bought & sold; President's Circle, Buyer's Agents, E-Pro, Luxury Homes, Short Sale, Relocation, Divorce.