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Steven H. Allmann, a Blaine, Washington Home Inspector, serving the greater Bellingham, Washington and Whatcom County area. NACHI Certified. Washington State License #650

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     When looking for a  home inspector, the most important criteria that a prospective homebuyer should look for is finding a knowledgeable, comprehensive, and thorough home inspector who will guide them through the inspection process with easy to understand explanations and recommendations about the current condition of a property.  I believe that it is incumbent upon a home inspector to place themselves in their clients' shoes, and to inform them of all of the issues, large or small, that that can affect or are affecting a house.  I know firsthand how minor maintenance issues can escalate into costly repairs if left unaddressed.  As a general building contractor, and with over forty years in the construction trades, I am well familiar with proper building practices and requirements, and also the areas of a house that should be monitored and maintained to ensure the optimum environment and trouble-free life expectancy of the house and it's systems.  

     As a Washington State home inspector, I support and practice the Washington State Standards of Practice and Ethics, and will always act on behalf of my clients about any concerns they may have about a property.  My clients can be confident that they are getting the top quality home inspection.  Please consider Allmann Home Inpection Services when you are looking for a Washington State home inspector  on whom you can depend.  Thank you.

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Hello to all of my fellow Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents and Professionals, and Blogging Buddies!  Being new to ActiveRain, I feel that an introduction is in order.  My name is Steven H. Allmann, and I am a Whatcom County Home Inspector in Blaine, Washington.  I have an extensive background in the construction trades, starting at age seventeen, at which time I joined the Plumber's Union.  I have worked as a general contractor, plumbing contractor, painting contractor, drywall contractor, and carpenter, and I have much experience with flooring, roofing, underground construction, cement work, windows, and window coverings.  My latest project was building a 4500 square foot home in Ferndale, Washington.  I have lived in northern Washington for ten years now, long enough to have experienced all of the inherent problems and weather conditions that can and do affect a home in the Northwest climate.  Many, if not most, of these problems are water related issues.  Plumbing leaks, crawlspace water intrusion, roofing and gutter problems, and even high humidity levels can have a profound effect on your homes' structural stability and the interior comfort levels.  Many homeowners are unaware that these and other problems even exist in their homes until they decide to sell.  This is why I stress to my clients, and all homeowners, the value of diligent maintenance and monitoring of your house and its' components.  This is also why the value of a comprehensive home inspection can be so important.  It's that "ounce of prevention" axiom.  If you can identify and address a minor problem before it escalates and winds up costing large sums to repair, then the value of an active maintenance relationship that you have with your home becomes apparent.  I have spent many years repairing homes, and I have decided to step sideways and become a Whatcom County home inspector in an effort to assist and educate homeowners and homebuyers in identifying and resolving the problems that can affect their homes.  My former business name, Allmannent, is now Allmann Home Inspection Services.  If you will be buying, selling, or just need a report on the existing condition of your home, please send me an e-mail or give me a call at or 360-739-7361.  Hopefully, the quality of homes in Washington will continue to get better, and the cost of repairs on homes will go down.  So, if you're looking for a thorough and comprehensive Whatcom County Home Inspector or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  Thank you!




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  • St. Andrews Green Condo Association in Semiahmoo, Blaine, Wa.

    'Steven just performed 16 inspections for us, focusing on the crawlspaces. These condos were built in 1989, and we were concerned about possible problems in these areas. Steven discovered and pinpointed many issues are that affecting the condos. Many of the issues were not reported or revealed in recent home inspections. Some of these problems were existing and common to many of the units, and some issues were isolated to particular units. The many color photos included in the reports made it very easy for us to see and understand the problems first hand. Thanks to these excellent reports we are now addressing these issues and will be monitoring these areas for possible future problems. We highly recommend Steven for his comprehensive inspections and reports."

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