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International Financing Solutions (IFS) specializes in Commercial Financing around the world. When you are looking to spend millions of dollars on a project in a foreign country, the last thing you need is an inexperienced mortgage professional. IFS is highly experienced in International Financing and our team of experts will help you structure your financing to best fit your needs and those of the project. 

We can fund a large variety of Commercial and Development type of programs. From Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Marinas, Residential Projects, Condominium Complexes to Bio Diesel Plants, Hydro Electric Plants, and Petroleum Tank Farms.
There isn't a project that we can't finance.

International Financing Solutions has a team that is dedicated to funding your projects. Our Developer Funding Programs start at $5 Million USD and we have no upward limit. Do you need funding to acquire the land and build the infrastructure? We are your #1 source for financing. We will look at every project and make decisions based on common sense. When it comes to determining the profitability of a project we look at all contributing factors .... The developers previous experience, what is being developed and its intended uses, is it a capitalistic job or a humanitarian job? How much does the developer have in the project?
We look at the big picture.

We specialize in International Developer Financing, but we can also fund similar projects in the United States. Regardless of where in the world the project is located, we will look at the feasibility of funding you development. No project too large or too complex.  If you have a development for us to review, please forward the following docs via email:

Detailed Business Plan Proforma (Use of funds) Personal Financial Statement  from each Principle Partner Completed Summary Form (please request a blank copy from us)

These docs can be e-mailed or faxed to Sean Allen at the information below.
As always, your information is kept confidential. No exceptions !!

Sean Allen
International Financing Solutions
Ph:   239-482-6866        
Skype: sean.allen5   

*** The best way to reach us is via email.***



International Financing Solutions, through our network of Investment Banks, is able to provide financing around the Globe in virtually any country (except for Iran, North Korea and Cuba) for various types of Commercial Projects.

Fortunately for everyone, 2009 has started off very strong and continues to show signs of improvement. Many Investment Banks have started closing & funding loans again and we are seeing the industry as a whole is starting to take an interest in lending money. This is something we have not seen in the past 12 to 18 months as the markets had frozen up.  

The bulk of our funding requests originate out of the following region ....

As a whole Central America is booming in growth. Countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama are all see huge growth in Development. Some of these countries are busier than other but as a whole, all of this part of the world is popping with investment.

An individual or company can't go wrong investing money in any of these countries. Residential Developments, Resorts, and small Cities are showing up all over the map. I believe this increase of interest is driven by a lagging US Economy and the need to find a better place to visit and make money. The return on investments in this part of the world is unbelievable. Europeans, Americans and Locals are buying up properties as fast as they can be built. In Panama along along the Pacific Coast is close to 50 tower cranes. All of these cranes sit on top of a new High Rise Condominium project going up. Many of these are pre-sold long before construction ever starts.

In Costa Rica, Resorts are popping up all along it's coasts and residential developments are sprouting up for Americans and Europeans to establish their second homes or vacation homes. The same is happening in Nicaragua and Honduras and the other Central American countries.

If you are looking to develop a project in this region, you need to contact
International Financing Solutions to discuss your financing option. We have the experience and expertise to secure the right financing for your project. If you need assistance in gathering the required documents and translating it to English we have a partner company located in Central America which specializes in just that.

International Financing Solutions, as of this writing, is working on financing numerous projects in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. These projects have an accumulated total of over $3 Billion Dollars and this is only a very small drop in the bucket. When you need financing, be sure to work with a company that has a proven track record for success. A company that can lead you in the right direction and who can get your project to funding. In today's market, Time is money and you can't afford to be wasting time on someone who isn't seasoned in International Financing.

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for more information.

Sean Allen
International Financing Solutions
Ph: 239-482-6866
Skype: sean.allen5   

*** The best way to reach me is via email.***



International Financing Solutions provides Commercial Financing around the World. Our specialty is Developer Financing and Commercial Bridge Loans in Central America, Caribbean and the United States.