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Ruthman Real Estate does what other full-service real estate brokerages do, but at great savings to our clients. We pride ourselves on customer-focused standards. 

Currently there is explosive growth in the availability of databases that have merged to create "user friendly" real estate-related market information and services.    It is intuitively evident, even definitional, real estate companies have been feeling the heat.   We have a degree of flexibility on how we reduce expenses and make decisions.  Our entrepreurship strategies are not resistant to change unlike older companies that are slower instituting change that would formally allow sales agents to better grapple with the current real estate conditions.  We  maximize savings and a sense of control to our customers.  We work at optimal operational equilibrium.  

Ruthman Real Estate delivers PRICE AND VALUE.  MLS MARKETING - QUALITY  FULL FIDUCIARY SERVICE  - 17,000 Active Connecticut Real Estate Agents All Connecticut Real Estate Brokers & others across the US & the World!         We give consumers what they want  VALUE.  Ruthman bases the value of a combination of both price and the services rendered.  All Sellers are  shown how our services provide help to the sellers to NET the most money when their transaction closes.         Ruthman's experience, combined with direct access to extensive resources and networking opportunities, make us effective, confident real estate sales company.            In additional to pricing your home appropriately a comprehensive marketing plan is a key factor in selling your home for the most money in the shortest period of time Every Property Receives: Full Fiduciary Service Placed on MLS 1 YR Home Warranty for Buyer Electronic lock boxes Professional Post signs Virtual tours on every listing Location maps Floor Plans Professional photographs taken by professional photographerFull color home brochures on and off line Town/School Brochures Individual showings to interested Buyers Broker Open Houses Property email reportsConstant communication and feedback with co-brokersExposure on as a featured property Exposure on other major  websites, learn more:  Internet Exposure   PLUS AT NO EXTRA-CHARGE OR FEE: EXPOSURE ON EVERY REAL ESTATE WEBSITE THAT UTILIZES CT-MLS.  Ruthman Real Estate  markets and advertises your property utilizing Open Houses, Classified Ads, Home Magazines, Real Estate Websites, Flyers, and aggressive Direct Mailings, etc.     Ruthman Real Estate is a traditional broker that does not refuse to show discount brokers' properties or refuse to show our own listings to buyers brought in by discounters.  Ruthman Real Estate believes that this clearly violates the ethics of  the real estate profession and the fiduciary duty we have to the sellers. Ruthman goes above and beyond the traditional full fiduciary service definition. Traditional Full Fiduciary Services are (and not limited to):   Consolidated MLS.Accepts and presents to the Seller(s) offers to purchase procured by cooperating brokers. Advise the Seller(s) as to the merits of offers to purchase  Assist the Seller(s) in developing, communicating, or presenting counter-offers  Participate on the Seller(s) behalf in negotiations leading to the sale of the listed property.    Limited Services will not provide one or more of the above. MLS Entry-only Listings will not provide any of the above.ANTI-TRUST - Price Fixing or Boycotting.  The concept of antitrust basically relates to one's attempts to limit, or do away with, competition by engaging in various tactics designed to chase the competition away or otherwise put them out of business. If a real estate company conspires with another company (or companies) to somehow put a competitor out of business, such as through price fixing or a group boycott, they may have engaged in an antitrust violation punishable under federal and/or state law.       Two or more competing brokers cannot agree on a "standard" commission rate to charge their clients. This is impermissible because all commissions are negotiable between the broker and the seller. Of course, this also comes back to the concept that competitors cannot join together to set prices.        Likewise, two or more competitors cannot agree to a set commission they will each offer to cooperating brokers in the MLS. This is true whether a company sets a general cooperating commission across the board, or whether they agree to each pay x% to all cooperating brokers, but to pay a lesser amount to Broker B, who practices under a new, non-traditional business model. Note that the companies' agreement to set a lower cooperating commission for Broker B also suggests a boycott. Avoid real estate company agents who make comments that no one will show or sell the listing because of the particular commission split.  

Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.Sir Winston Churchill


Ruthman Real Estate - Traditional Full Service at a Very Competitive Price. No additional (administrative fees).