Ruth Letchford ASP Sell-abrate Home Staging, LLC (Sell-abrate Home Staging, LLC)

Staging works! As an Accredited Staging® Professional™, my mission is to use my training and expertise to help your home make a great first impression to potential buyers and Realtors.

Get to know Ruth Letchford ASP Sell-abrate Home Staging, LLC

As an Accredited Staging® Professional, I will coordinate with your Realtor and together we will help your house make a great first impression on potential buyers, regardless of the price point. Working within your time frame and your budget, I can do as much or as little as you like.

Studies show that Staged Homes:

Sell for more money Sell faster See more Realtor and potential buyer traffic

My personal experience will ensure a caring and personal touch as well as a respect for you and your home.  Let's work together as a team to help sell your home for top dollar!


Staging Vacant Homes:  furnish houses so buyers can see how they will live in the new space.

Staging Occupied Homes:  stage your home in such a way that gives the best possible impression to potential buyers in a manner that your family can continue to live in until your home is sold.

De-Clutter and Reorganize

Staging for New Construction:  furnish the space so buyers can visualize the depth of the rooms.

Staging to Live:  arrange your furniture and accessories for the optimal flow and function of each room.  

Moving In:  staging the main items in your home, so you can focus on unpacking.

Home Staging Written Consultation:  specific instructions for those who like to 'do-it-yourself'.

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