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I came to a career in residential real estate honestly -  from a Dad that was flipping houses in the 60's and 70's and from a career in commercial real estate that included acquisitions, dispositions, asset management and leasing. Buying and selling real estate is fun, lucrative, demanding and challenging. And I am pleased to report that my clients think highly of me and the skills that I bring to the transaction. 

I have a passion for working with buyers that have embraced the wealth building strategy of buying and owning a portfolio of rental properties. If you would like to see how this strategy can change your retirement picture please give me a call. I own rental properties myself and can attest to the enjoyment of getting rent checks that come with tax advantages and seeing my net income increase with our stabilizing markets.
I have excellent negotiating skills and have found that in this strong Seller's market I am able to maximize my Seller's net number from a sale while minimizing the risk of entering into a contract and removing the property from the market. Practiced well, real estate is a business of details and serving your client. While our market greatly favors Sellers right now having an Agent that is willing to negotiate hard on your behalf is still important. Maybe more important - because you CAN have the upper hand as a Seller right now. So take it!

When representing buyer's in this market, I caution them to be a very active participant in the process, to stay flexible so you can head out the door when something good is listed, to keep your chin up and to be persistent. It is important for buyers to be educated about the current state of the market. If a Buyer becomes serious about a property we can run comps and I can quickly tell you if the property is reasonably priced. Keep in mind - we are in an appreciating market. You WILL be paying near the top of the market for the condition, size and location of the home you are hoping to find. The good news is Denver's economic fundamentals are so good that our real estate markets should continue to appreciate for the next few years. So hop in - the water is warm and getting warmer!

Tyler and Melissa Rheem
To Whom It May Concern, This fall we had the distinct pleasure of working with Ruth McElroy in selling an investment rental property in Denver. We initially listed the house ourselves as a “For Sale by Owner” but after a few weeks of interest and phone calls without results, we decided to enlist the talents of Ruth and her team at Your Castle Real Estate and we could not be happier with the result. With her background and expertise, Ruth was able to make quick and efficient contact with a number of possible buyers and put us in a position to negotiate with multiple parties, resulting in a final sale price that was more than 5% above the listing prices! Ruth absolutely set herself apart from every other real estate professional we have ever worked with in the past, and we would strongly endorse her services and look forward, ourselves, to working with her again when the need arises.
Patti Carlton-Redman
I am writing this letter recommend Ruth McElroy as Agent of the year, if there is such a thing. I was contacted by Ruth wanting to know if I was interested in selling my house in Aurora and when I said I was, Ruth said she would like to work with me to make that happen. What a journey it has been. I had tenants in the property that hadn’t paid the rent for several months and Ruth directed me to a lawyer that would handle my case and the eviction. In the process of having them evicted the city of Aurora put a notice of violation on the property for several violations. At this point any other agent would have just given up, but not Ruth. She contacted her guy that did yard work and maintenance and he got the property all cleaned up and cut down trees. Now where would you find an agent that dos that? And it doesn’t end there. She contacted both mortgage companies since there was both a first and a second on the house and told them there was a pending sale and got them to stop charging late fees and penalties. There were also several liens on the property, one of which was a bogus one filed by the ex-tenants out of revenge and the she sort of smogged over which worked, and he was paid. Ruth brought together a great team with her assistant Jenifer who always made sure I had the right forms and Mike from Land title who did a fantastic job. Then there was glitch with the quit claim deed that was approved by 3 different mortgage companies that Mike was able to resolve. When Ruth asked her team to step up to the plate not only did they step up, but they performed. Wow did they perform. We had to put closing back a couple of times but were finally able to get it done, but it could never have happened without Ruth McElroy who went above and beyond, what a great job!! P.S. There just aren’t enough words that could express my gratitude for the job that Ruth McElroy and her team did. Not only did they step up to the plate, they performed! Wow did they preform!!

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