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I have been an active Real Estate broker for over twenty year.  Prior to that I was a Professional Industrisl Enginer working as a management consultant.  I came back to Portland, Oregon to be closer to my family and to escape What I considered the dark side of the corporate world.  I have always enjoyed working in real Estate, because it allows me to help people fufill their dreans of home ownership and business success. We are now experiencing some of the most difficult times in recent economic history.  But even in the worst of times, there is opportunity to be had.  We have very low intrest rates, huge inventories of homes and apartments for sale and the best prices in years.  While you might be waiting for that last dollar of price drop, intrest rates could increase by twenty percent overnight.  I believe the best time to buy is now, as long as you have good enough credit to get a loan.  Loans are available with as little as 31/2% down with reasonable credit.  If you do not have good credit, there is no time like the present to begin taking the steps to make it better.  Instead of thinking you cannot buy a home, talk to your lender and find out what steps you need to take to repair your credit.  Take positive steps, and positive things will happen!


 About my areas of expertise.  I don't believe in specializing.  Every buyer and every seller are unique.  I try to incorporate all of my experience to meet their special needs.  It does not matter if it is your first home or a million dollar  investment.  The same principles apply. Try to get the best price and terms for your seller so the can move on to their next home.  Try to find find the best home for the buyer that meets their needs in the desired location without over extending them and putting them in future jepordy.  Of course it always helps if the buyer listens to your advice! 





Phillip Neidhart has over twenty years of experience in the greater Portland, Oregon area listing and selling both residential real estate, land and Apartment units. In a troubled market it is mor...