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Get to Know Rochelle Kretchmar

About Me... I have year of experience in the Real Estate industry.  I worked for a large international locally owned Real Estate office as the Office Administrator.  This gave me a wide range of information on the outside and inside of the industry.  I worked with agents one on one in training and setting up everything from A - Z.  I was responsible for all the advertising for the company as well as handled all the inter office transactions.  During this time I was able to take many CORE Real Estate clasees in persuit of my Real Estate License.

I have had a great experience working with a Custom Home Builder and that exposed me to the other side of the Real Estate spectrum the building and remodeling side.  Working with Vendors and obtaining pricing for foundations all the way to working with a designer to decorate the homes.  I have been involved in remodeling project that have literally been gutted and you start from fresh - so exciting.

Then I have had the opportunity to progress into the Relocation aspect of Real Estate. This was chanllenging, as I was dealing with agents and brokers on a day to day basis, yet all the rules had changed. Coporate Relocaation is a completely seperate entity all to itselft.  Yet very intriguing.  I have learned so much working at the Referral Coordinator. 

I also had the opportunity to start my own company which is Staging Homes for Sale.  This is an area that I am still dedicated to and involved in.  I love assisting Realtors in selling homes for people. I enjoy the interaction with Homeowners when they just don't know what to do.  Our motto is Getting your home Sold fast and at top dollar.  It works!  Pricing & Staging are everything.

Now, I have taken my classes and have become a licensed Loan Originator.  I know crazy, I have experienced many aspects of Real Estate and I feel this is just one more step for me to excel at.  Of course I was smart, I work for a great company with is a Morgage Banker not just another mortgage broker. 


The great thing about GenEquity Mortgage is that we take the application, process & underwrite our loans all In House. This is a great advantage as you really experience that hands on and individual attention, that you just don't receive from many other companies. We aren't one of the Big guys, our clients are a name and a face, not just another transaction.

Please call or email me if you would like more information about Refinancing or obtain a loan for a Real Estate purchase. I look forward to working with you in the future.


I am a Retail Loan Originator in Denton / Dallas County. Gen Equity Morgage is a Mortgage Banker. We have access to many investors to get the best available pricing on loans. Now is a great time to