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Why Have Your Home Inspected?


We know you want the house.  We want to support you, but we are completely objective.  We're here to help make sure you know what you are buying and don't have any major unpleasant surprises after the closing.


Why Choose Mid Jersey Inspections

We're Knowledgeable

Our inspectors are all fully licensed and have extensive training in evaluating a home's current condition.   

We're Responsive

You'll find our staff to be professional and responsive before, during and after your inspection - we are here to help.    

We make it simple

We will schedule everything for you, promptly get all reports to you, and provide interpretation or advice when needed. 

We inspect virtually EVERYTHING that is visually accessible at the time of inspection, which includes:

Foundations Roofs & Gutters Exterior Walls Doors & Windows Attic Insulation Porches & Decks Sidewalks & Driveways Plumbing & Fixtures Heating & Cooling Systems Water Heater Electrical Fixtures Switches & Receptacles Attic Basement & Crawlspaces Garage Electrical Service Panel Floor Structures Walls & Ceilings Kitchen Appliances And much more!

We also offer Wood Boring Pest Inspections, Radon, Mold Sampling, and other specialized inspections!

After the inspection is complete, our inspector will systematically walk you through the home, discussing all of the items that were of concern and answering all of your questions.

Home buyers and their attorneys love our clear and easy to read reports.

There is no need to take notes during your inspection - you will receive your report electronically within three business days.  And afterwards, our inspector is always available for phone consultation.

Your home is unique and, as such, your report must be unique.  Our detailed, narrative reports are customized for each home. 

Call today to discuss your inspection needs or to schedule a prompt appointment.   Or visit our website to learn more.






We offer BuyerInspections, Seller Inspections, and Pre-Offer Inspections.  Most people are familiar with a typical Buyer Inspection performed for the buyer of a home, new or resale.  SellerInspections have also been around for a while.  They can be helpful anytime a home owner wants to know what the current conditions are in their home so they can properly prepare to sell it, or just to fix and stay in their home.  This type of inspection is most useful for homeowners who have been in their home more than 15 years, rental properties, or relocation when the seller is moving out of state prior to the home being sold.  This last scenario is helpful as the owner can see the issues and get educated while they are still in the home.

The large number of short sales today has created a need for a new type of inspection.  Due to the long sale cycle and risks associated with these sales, performing inspections prior to bank acceptance may be a waste of money.  On the other hand, waiting to perform the inspection only to find major issues which jeopardize the purchase may be a tremendous waste of time.  As a result, I created a Pre-Offer Inspection.  This is a brief, inexpensive inspection intended to find major issues only.  This does not take the place of a standard inspection, but allows buyers to factor items that carry substantial costs into their offer.  Should the buyer purchase the home, a portion of the Pre-Offer Inspection fee will be rebated against the standard inspection fee.  For more information, please contact me directly at 732-906-4100.



NJ Home Inspector Lic #076900, NJ Radon Measurement Technician Cert #MET12332, Certified Mold Inspector, Mold Sampling, Wood Boring Pest Inspections and MORE!