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WHAT IS A REVERSE MORTGAGE?A Reverse Mortgage is a loan available to homeowners who are 62 years and older. The older you are the more you qualify for!  The program works best if you have equity in your home and no mortgage.  However, the program will work if you currently have a mortgage, depending on your situation.  It is always best to speak to one of our loan officers to get the information that is specific to your needs.  There are many programs available today.  The loan is not paid back until the last borrower moves out or dies!  Please call TODAY and speak to one of our Reverse Mortgage Florida Specialists!  800-278-9004 MOVING FORWARD IN REVERSE!There are many types of Reverse Mortgage programs available today!  Have you been thinking about a second home in Florida?  There are even Reverse Mortgage Programs available for second homes!  You can even purchase a new home using the program.  Do you have a house that is valued over $500,000?  We can help!  Our office has processed hundreds of Florida Reverse Mortgage loans.  Please call TODAY and speak to one of our Reverse Mortgage Florida Specialists at 800-278-9004 for more information!  DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?We understand that you may have questions that need to be answered by talking to someone directly!  If you are trying to decide if now is a good time in your life to get a Reverse Mortgage you can ask one of our Reverse Mortgage Specialists, who can assist you with the loan application.  We are here to help you!  Please call TODAY and speak to one of our Reverse Mortgage Florida Specialists at 800-278-9004 for more information!   TESTIMONIALS I don't know why we waited so long for our Reverse Mortgage!  I thought that it was too good to be's not!  Thank you! Danny & Carol, Orlando, Florida  Thank you for all of your help!  Within 3 weeks of completing our loan application, everything was finalized!  Thanks! Ed & Pat, Melbourne, Florida NATIONAL REVERSE MORTGAGE LENDERS ASSOCIATIONNational Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) is the national voice of the reverse mortgage industry, serving as an educational resource, policy advocate and public affairs center for lenders and related professionals. NRMLA was established in 1997 to enhance the professionalism of the reverse mortgage business.

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A phenomenon in the history of the United States never witnessed before is starting to unfold: the "senior boom." As many as 8,000 Americans will turn 62 every day and become eligible for a reverse mortgage for the next 18-20 years.  Be a part of history…..become a “Reverse Mortgage Professor”.

To date only 1% of seniors have taken advantage of a “Reverse Mortgage”. There is a large debate looming in Congress over what can be done to reduce dependence on public programs for long-term care, such as Medicaid.   A Reverse Mortgage will not only play a key role as a solution to these “over-promised”, “over-spent” entitlement programs, it will assist many of the “Baby Boomers” in their retirement years.   While this market segment will be seeking out ways to prolong their retirement years, and improve the quality of their lives; a Reverse Mortgage may become a “Necessity” and not an “Option”.

Your training through the Reverse Mortgage University as a Reverse Mortgage Loan Professor will provide you with a turn-key business.  You will receive all the tools that you need to be a success.  From complete training on the Reverse Mortgage Business to how to market your business.  You will receive “tested and proven” marketing materials from leading industry professionals.

You will learn how to make $100,000 + originating “Reverse Mortgages” with our complete Reverse Mortgage Training & Marketing Plan!  WORK FROM HOME!!  Our Complete “Jump Start” Reverse Mortgage Training & Marketing Plan comes with a 300+ page manual, flip chart presentation, sample loan package, power point presentation and CD. Start Originating Reverse Mortgages Today!  Our comprehensive training program includes everything that you need to start originating Reverse Mortgages. ONLY  $449!  PURCHASE NOW - Via PAYPAL   Topics Covered Reverse Mortgage 101 - Facts Terminology HUD Counseling Process & Preparing the Client Specific Products (This is constantly changing) Speaking with Seniors Medicare & Medicaid (How this applies to the program) Long Term Care- “Use Your Home to Stay at Home” (the government wants seniors to utilize a Reverse Mortgage to pay for Long Term Care) Budget Deficient Reduction Act – There are significant changes to qualifying for a nursing home! Partnership Program Annuities Property Taxes & Tax Deferral Title Insurance Appraisers Manufactured Homes Condominiums Well Water vs. Public Water Suitability Repair Set Asides Solution Selling Avoid “conditions” that delay the loan process Complete “Jump Start” Reverse Mortgage Training & Marketing Plan with Pre-Designed Marketing Materials that you can customize with your contact information.  Our marketing kit has been tested and proven by Reverse Mortgage industry leaders! Whether you are experienced in the Mortgage business, an Insurance Agent Or you have never worked in the business; you will receive everything you need to get started to day. In addition, as a “Reverse Mortgage Professor” you will receive lender and product updates as they become available!          Becky Inman  Founder of the Reverse Mortgage University TESTIMONIALS “I wanted to be a part of the fast-growing Reverse Mortgage Niche.  Your course is exactly everything that I needed to become trained in the business.  Thanks!” Ray C., Financial PlannerOrlando, Florida “WOW”  “The course materials from the Reverse Mortgage University explained everything that I needed to know about the business.  Now I have an exciting career helping seniors stay in their homes.” Lynda, Loan OfficerPt. St. Lucie, Florida  “Comprehensive and Thorough Training that I need to learn about the business – I was looking to add something to my insurance practice Reverse Mortgages are a perfect match.” COMING SOON “Live Training” !!! The Reverse Mortgage University” will begin our two day training seminars this fall.  Look for our schedule coming soon! The Reverse Mortgage Professor - 8746 104th Court - Vero Beach, FL 34967Office Phone: (772) 388-6555 Fax: (772) 388-9494

I specialize in reverse mortgages and in training loan officers to understand and be able to offer expert reverse mortgage assistance to the 62+ year old clients needing help in their golden years.